Embrace the Summer Heat with Venster’s Double glazed Windows & Doors

According to a recent weather forecast analysis, the month of March 2022 was the hottest March in the preceding 121 years. Additionally, the latest meteorological forecasts predict that India will experience an intense heat wave this summer. With alarmingly rising temperatures, the ever-increasing concern of protecting our homes from the effects of excessive heat encourages home-owners to consider installing energy-efficient windows and doors.

Well-insulated windows and doors are built with unique properties that prevent a significant amount of heat from passing through the glass panes. As a result, uPVC installation is regarded as a wise solution for combating the sweltering heat of the summer season. The density of highly insulated window and door frames not only helps to reduce heat caused by UV rays, but it also helps to keep dust, allergens, and noise pollutants at bay.

Follow this checklist to experience optimum home insulation:

  • Double-glazed windows manufactured using uPVC profiles have proven to be excellent thermal insulators that are capable of shielding the sun’s damaging rays. Equip your interiors with double-glazed windows.
  • Harmonious interiors are created by effectively insulated solutions, such as uPVC installation, that minimizes the intensity of external sound waves. Choose uPVC solutions over traditional materials.
  • Highly-insulated solutions also increase the security of an interior space by making it less vulnerable to damage caused due to the occurrence of windy storms or other incidents. Ensure choosing the right glass and glazing options.
  • Insulation properties also help to monitor and regulate indoor temperatures and reduce energy consumption. As a result, it helps reduce power costs throughout the summer season. Invent an effective solution that yields long-term benefits.
  • An effective sealing system of insulated windows and doors prevents dust particles, worms, and bacteria from venturing into an indoor space. Considering the low-maintenance aspect of uPVC installation makes it one of the most appealing options during the summer, when the invasion of such pollutants seems to be on the rise, switch to the secured uPVC windows and doors.

How does double glazing protect the inmates from scorching heat while still lowering energy costs?

  • Double-glazed windows and doors are made up of two distinct panes of glass separated by an air pocket that is sealed into a single frame. This air pocket functions as a barrier that reduces the intensity of both hot and cold air waves passing through the window into the indoor spaces.
  • Double-glazed windows that are built from uPVC profiles keep homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Layers of glazing boost thermal insulation, which helps to minimize energy bills.
  • Double-glazed windows also help reduce condensation by lowering moisture content on the glass panes.
  • Double-glazed windows are strong and can withstand high pressure without impairing their performance.

To top it all off, uPVC is an environmentally friendly option that naturally provides all-round insulation, making it a great choice for Indian dwellings throughout the summer.

Aparna Venster thrives on innovation and providing end-to-end service. Our lead-free uPVC solutions are extremely durable and can be effortlessly tailored to match your unique requirements. Connect with us to learn more about energy-efficient and cost-effective uPVC installation solutions to complement your interior needs.

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