Why uPVC?


uPVC advantages

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) also known as rigid PVC, is one of the most versatile and sustainable materials used in the construction industry. Polyvinyl chloride or PVC has evolved over the years to become more efficient, durable and affordable. Since it is unplasticized, uPVC is more rigid and has efficient insulation properties.


The high-grade flexibility makes uPVC an ideal choice for windows and doors used in commercial and residential purposes. Also, unlike wood and aluminum, uPVC retains its shape in all weather conditions and stays unhindered in case of any physical impact.

Let’s first understand the

problem with other materials:

Wooden Windows

Wooden window frames may be a popular choice but they require high maintenance and proper care for longevity and durability.

  • With deforestation being an alarming issue, wooden windows and doors pose a threat to the environment
  • Wood is an organic and porous material, which means that it can quickly become susceptible to the elements
  • Insect infestation: Wood windows are subject to rot or insect infestation if not properly maintained
  • Wooden windows are prone to warping that often occurs from moisture and sunlight
  • Wood shrinks and expands radically in response to humidity changes
  • Wood is susceptible to damage or leaks
  • There is a huge problem in waterproofing wooden windows
  • Wood is costlier and requires more maintenance

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are very light which makes them less desirable for ensuring security of your home.

  • Aluminum doesn’t hold heat, therefore, not a good choice in colder climates
  • It requires regular maintenance due to anodization
  • Aluminum is prone to oxidation and is susceptible to corrosion especially if you live near coastal environments
  • It is not energy efficient
  • Due to lack of strength, aluminum cannot support very tall windows and doors
  • Aluminum’s insulation properties are dependent on the glazing selected
  • Aluminum can be water-stained easily

Steel Windows

Steel windows, although don’t require much maintenance but are very expensive and not suitable for all climatic conditions.

  • Steel window frames are expensive and difficult to install when compared to other materials
  • Steel window frames are not very energy efficient
  • If you live in a coastal climate, steel windows and doors aren’t the best choice

PVC Windows

PVC, short for polyvinyl chloride, is a plastic, commonly used in construction. Due to its toxic nature, it is not ideal for home use.

  • PVC windows are not very durable or an ideal choice as a building material
  • PVC windows pose a threat to the health of the residents
  • PVC is not fire resistant
  • Europe has banned 3 chemicals used in making PVC windows
  • PVC leads to the release of dangerous quantities of dioxin and other carcinogens
What makes uPVC the best choice?

Reason to
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Very durable

uPVC products are very durable and since they require very low maintenance, they look as good as new for decades. Lifespan of uPVC windows is over 50+ years, therefore, leave a very low impact on the environment.

Noise reduction

The double-seal system used in uPVC windows and doors combined with insulating glass reduces noise by 30-40 dB.

Heavy wind resistant

uPVC windows and doors are perfect for seaside locations and can be of great use in high-rise buildings. The windows maintain their strength through fully reinforced galvanized steel inner frames.

Energy saving

Energy saving Insulated Glass Units can be up to 3 times more effective than normal glass at maintaining cool temperatures within a building.

Termite free

Unlike wooden windows and doors, uPVC profiles remain free from termite infestation in all climates.

Highly secure

Multi-point high-security lock and fittings make uPVC products very strong and secure for residential and commercial use. All locks and fittings are screwed into the steel core of the uPVC window and door frames.


uPVC is self-extinguishing – it will not allow the fire to spread due to fire retardant used in the mix. Profiles are manufactured to DIN standards.

Pollution resistant

Environment-friendly and 100% lead-free uPVC profiles by Aparna Venster meet the greenline norms of European countries.

Very low maintenance

uPVC windows require very low maintenance.
• No painting work
• No Maintenance
• No Solutions/ liquids required for applying to window for Insect-Free.

For all season Windows/ Doors