• 4 DIY ideas to keep your window mosquito nets clean.

    Imagine a home with beautiful windows nestling a picturesque view of lush green open spaces, a heavenly breeze with glorious sunlight; all to be hindered by dirt-infused mosquito net on the windows. Being able to enjoy the fresh air while keeping the unwanted bugs out is why the homeowners love mosquito net in their windows. […]

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  • Are uPVC windows good for coastal weather?

    Choosing the right kind of windows for your home is not an easy decision; especially when there are several choices such as wood, aluminium, iron or uPVC. Installing windows in a house can be an expensive decision. But, if the choice is right then it is worth it. The decision to install the right kind […]

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  • 4 ways to save space with uPVC sliding doors

    A beautiful and stunning home is what every individual wants. Contemporary, sleek and spacious is the decor for every well-designed house. uPVC sliding doors are the latest addition to the look that a house requires to be adorned with the gracious title of spacious and contemporary. Sliding doors are a trend in their own right […]

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  • Make your home more safe and spacious with Venster Windows and Doors

    In today’s hectic and chaotic world, it is difficult to find a place which is peaceful and calm and where you can sit and enjoy the quiet. The blaring traffic, industrial units, neighbours, loudspeakers, pubs, wedding processions on the roads are constantly hampering our serenity, we so desperately desire for. We often wonder what can […]

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  • Get the best sound insulation with Venster windows

    Can you imagine a home where the silence is louder than the noise outside? Windows and doors have gone above the realm and serve purposes than they were originally designed for. Previously windows were designed for the purposes such as ventilation, letting in sunlight and keeping the intruders at bay, but with the advancements in […]

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  • Why are Venster uPVC French doors a good option?

    French windows and doors are a timeless classic and are the most glamorous in the huge variety of uPVC window and doors. uPVC French doors are double hinged doors which open mainly towards outside or inwards by design. uPVC French and doors usually have a light construction with glass panes extending for most of its […]

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  • Casement windows and doors from Aparna Venster

    Incredible homes and office spaces do not happen by chance. uPVC windows and doors are an essential part of the design. One such type is the casement windows and doors. Casement windows and doors are also termed as side hung windows. A few features of the casement windows and doors are as follows: Casement windows and […]

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  • Sliding uPVC windows and doors for home improvement

    Windows and doors are true reflections of the creative outlet in your home. A huge variety of uPVC windows and doors are now readily available to appease one’s need to jazz up their living space. The huge selection of uPVC windows and doors consists of options such as: Casement uPVC doors and windows Sliding uPVC […]

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  • Colored uPVC Windows from Aparna Venster

    Imagine how wonderful your living space will look after it has been installed with coloured uPVC windows. The interiors of your home will have a rich and dreamy look. After its introduction in the early 70’s, the uPVC windows have ruled the architectural enigma. uPVC windows were the perfect solution to many of the challenges […]

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