• The comparison and difference between PVC and uPVC doors

    PVC and uPVC doors have become popular in India in the last decade. And, with the growing popularity, they are giving wooden door manufacturers a stiff competition. The fundamental difference between PVC doors and uPVC doors is that unlike PVC doors, there is no plasticizer added in the uPVC doors. Known for their durability and […]

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  • 5 different styles of uPVC windows you can opt for your kitchen

    uPVC windows are gradually becoming very popular across the globe. Along with their infrastructural brilliance and their ability to reduce overall costs, uPVC windows also offer a wide variety of advantages. Weather resistant, environmentally friendly and recyclable, uPVC windows require very little maintenance and they last longer than wooden windows. Windows play an important role […]

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  • 7 reasons to choose uPVC windows over wooden windows

    Un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride or uPVC is a widely used material in doors, windows, and pipelines. One factor that differentiates uPVC from the rest is that uPVC windows and doors come with a core made of galvanized steel. This galvanized steel strengthens the windows and doors making them stronger and firmer. uPVC has gradually become popular […]

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  • Composite doors vs uPVC doors- Which is better for your home?

    When we search a perfect fit for our entrance or indoor doors, it is the look and the toughness that we primarily consider. As doors are an integral feature of the home, it is important you choose well. If you are on the lookout for different door materials, you must have heard about composite doors, […]

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  • Which uPVC style would best fit your home windows?

    Windows hold a vital importance in every home. They are not just important for ventilation but also for making the house look more spacious and letting the sunlight seep in naturally. If you are planning to renovate your home or looking to renew your home windows, we have the perfect selection of uPVC window styles […]

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  • Wooden or uPVC doors: Which one should you install in your home?

    Wood is a beautiful material and perhaps wooden doors boast pure elegance and class than any other material. The timeless beauty and charm exhibited by wooden doors go unparalleled. Many people love working around with wood because of the flexibility it allows whilst designing as well as its classic appeal. Using wood to design doors […]

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  • Is your uPVC door price worth for a lifetime of security?

    We all are aware of how expensive and financially taxing it can be to install uPVC doors and windows in a home. All of us want to have alluring uPVC doors in our homes for that touch of elegance and ethereal charm. But, is it possible to get the best uPVC door prices along with […]

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