Replacement windows – what to consider before you buy them

Replacing or revamping your windows and doors without making any major structural changes can be a comprehensive task. In case of most windows and doors, we practically forget about them after installing, unless they undergo any physical damage. Reduced insulation,...

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Why uPVC openable windows are a boon

As architects and homeowners, it is important to look out for ways in which any space can be made efficient on energy conservation, convenient to maintain and beautiful to look at. The installation of high durability, long-lasting windows and doors is one such thing...

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Highly secure windows and doors with uPVC

Doors and windows serve as the entry point of any space, and therefore should be built with utmost care and attention. Along with fulfilling key functions like ventilation, they are responsible for maintaining the security and safety of the place. Today, the...

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Living in Chennai? Consider switching to uPVC windows

Chennai’s climate is tropical throughout the year, because it is a coastal city located on the thermal equator. While this prevents extreme variations in temperatures, for most parts of the year the Chennai weather is humid and heated or wet and rainy. Monsoons last...

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What are uPVC tilt and turn windows?

One of the most versatile of uPVC windows are the tilt and turn windows. Their functional design allows them to have many varied benefits. Tilt and turn window frames have advanced functionality in 2 significant ways: The tilt function facilitates ventilation and the...

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The uPVC doors and windows industry in 2021

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) windows and doors are low maintenance, yet extremely durable and high-functioning. uPVC as a building material has garnered attention for being a superior alternative to other previously favoured traditional materials, like wood...

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