The supreme quality uPVC windows and doors by Aparna Venster are manufactured using high output driven machines imported from Europe. The state-of-the-art machinery, world-class tooling machines, and extruding equipment ensure that you receive the best windows and doors for your space.

Strength, Quality, & Innovation

Sunlight friendly

Aparna Venster windows and doors are made with a special uPVC blend that ensures minimum to no thermal conductivity leading to superior energy performance in case of high UV radiations.

Smooth to operate

The heavy-duty nylon roller ensures smooth movement of the window and door systems. Also, since there are no outer bolts or locks you don’t have to bend down or rise up to operate the windows and doors.

Hurricane Bar

Aparna Venster uPVC windows come with a ‘Hurricane Bar’ to withstand wind loads more than 3000 pascals. The ‘Hurricane Bar’ along with providing strong protection also ensures that you don’t have to live with rattling and whistling sounds in case of a bad weather.

Customized Hardware

All the hardware and other accessories are custom designed to meet the industry norms and standards for a benchmark performance. Considering the unpredictable climatic conditions in India, a careful decision is made about the glazing preference, double and triple, for the windows and doors

Steel reinforcement

Aparna Venster windows and doors are tailor designed as per the height of the building and the topography of the location. The windows and doors maintain their strength through fully reinforced galvanized steel inner frames. The steel reinforcement prevents the windows or doors from getting warped or deformed in case of any external pressure caused by high windows or heavy rains.

Weather resistant

Aparna Venster uPVC windows and doors are suitable for extreme climatic conditions in India. Regardless of the season or the location, Venster windows and doors are efficiently designed to retain their shape, size, colour, and shine. Also, if you stay in a high-rise building, the multi-chambered, and steel reinforced uPVC windows remain steady against fluctuating wind loads.

Multi-point locking

Since your safety is our priority, all the uPVC windows and doors at Aparna Venster offer multi-point lock feature for ultimate protection. All locks and fittings are screwed into the steel-core of the window and door frame to provide extra resistance in case of forced entry. The multi-point locking system further improves the overall sealing which, in turn, enhances the thermal insulation capabilities of the windows and doors and also reduces noise by 30-40 dB.

Multi-chambered and Wall-thickness

The windows have a high wall thickness and multi-chambered designs, this aids in the installation of multi-point high security locking systems.