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Doors and windows are of as important for the overall aesthetics of your home as any other piece of décor. Not only does it enhances the look of the house but also acts as a weather barrier for homes. These are also considered to be a weak point in many buildings since they are thinner and more heat-conductive than the surrounding walls. Choosing the right material for the doors and windows of the house is as important as any other element of a complete home.

uPVC is an environmentally friendly product which has truly revolutionized the doors and windows segment. Apart from being resistant to rust and corrosion they prevent heat transfer and have noise reduction properties. The Indian market is flowing with an abundance of options like wood, aluminium, PVC and uPVC profiles. However, uPVC has been in trend among homeowners and builders citing many advantages over traditional wood and aluminium profiles. Unlike wooden and aluminium windows, uPVC windows are easy to maintain and stands the test of weather and termites. They come in a variety of unique designs and are available in any shape and size convenient to the buyer. The biggest advantage of uPVC profiles over other materials is that they require minimum maintenance and are corrosion resistant.

uPVC also has high performance deliverance in all weathers and geographies. They do not warp, contract, or expand with weather changes and are double sealed with high quality EPDM gaskets. In addition to their sealing properties, they also come with multi-point locking system which makes them very effective in sound and water insulation. The products are non-conductor of heat which results in excellent thermal insulation by preserving temperature inside the homes. Even when it comes to security, uPVC products fare well due to Galvanized steel reinforcements. These require minimal maintenance and lasts for longer period of time without any fading or decolouration. The recurring maintenance cost is bare minimum as no protective painting is needed after the initial investment.

On the other hand, wooden and aluminium doors in spite of having high appeal and great aesthetics have certain major drawbacks. Wooden doors and windows require a very high maintenance cost due to regular polishing and painting and are prone to losing their sheen in a very short period of time. Even though they are poor conductors of heat, if the installation and sealing are done improperly, the frames can bend requiring reinstallation and extra capital. Wood also has the inherent characteristic to expand and contract which results in absorption of moisture. But the most important deterrent for buyers is the infestation of termites and the high flammability of the material. It is a serious safety hazard both in terms of property and life.

Similarly, Aluminium gets easily rusted and corrodes due to outer weather conditions, demanding higher maintenance cost. They are excellent heat conductors which affect the temperature inside the house. It can distort if not installed properly leading to additional expenditure.

The choice of windows and doors are largely made considering the existing surroundings and the personal taste of the buyer plays a crucial role in that. The fact that Green building committees always recommend uPVC materials over any other due to their sustainable and eco-friendly properties have led people looking to lead more environmentally conscious lifestyles. They are 100% recyclable, ecologically sound and lead-free which leads to a healthier atmosphere at homes. With low maintenance cost and high return, most of the buyers today are gravitating towards uPVC windows and doors and are the top suggestion by both constructors and manufacturers. With the world talking about sustainability and green buildings, uPVC is here to stay.

By Mr. Mahesh Choudhary, CEO, Aparna uPVC

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