UPVC window systems-Warm Winter

How uPVC window systems help keep your house warm in winters

Winters are here and we are all looking for ways to warm up our space. While we may think of our windows as the facilitators of ventilation and light, they also play a critical role in regulating indoor temperatures.

Technological advancements have made it possible for manufacturers to build uPVC window systems that can effectively keep homes warm in winters and cool during summers.

A window and door must therefore be evaluated for its ability to withstand extreme weather conditions as well. uPVC as a material is heat-resistant to a great extent and does not transfer heat from inside to outside and vice versa. uPVC windows and doors are perhaps the ideal choice as weather resistant and energy-efficient picks for your home.

uPVC windows offer great thermal insulation. They help in regulating the temperature keeping homes cool in summers and warm in winters. They also prevent fog and mist on the windows and doors.

Whether you are installing new windows and doors or replacing them, it is always recommended to opt for a brand that sells high performance uPVC windows and doors systems with superior thermal efficiencies.

Here’s what makes high-quality uPVC window systems energy-efficient:


Always opt for uPVC window and door frames that are made with high-quality raw materials and advanced technology. If you install poorly built windows or doors, it can significantly decrease the thermal insulation and decline the utility of artificial cooling or heating. High-quality variants promote energy efficiency through minimal loss of heat, thus a lot less power is consumed, making them not just energy-efficient but also cost-efficient.

Weather seals:

uPVC windows and doors that are poorly sealed hinder your energy efficiency by not successfully trapping the cool air indoors in summer and the warm air in winter. Other gaps and cracks in and around the frames can also reduce the thermal insulation performance since air can easily escape through them. Only those uPVC window and door frames that have premium quality weather seals can ensure greater insulation. Air-tight seals also keep dust, bacteria and pollen outside, which adds to the air quality of your home.

Eco-friendly and energy-efficient:

Top-class brands for uPVC windows and doors in the market produce lead-free frames through environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. uPVC windows and doors regulate indoor temperature, reducing the cost of heating your rooms during winters, and cooling your rooms during summers. This contributes towards reducing your electricity bills, and also towards lowering greenhouse emissions. High-quality windows and doors are capable of bringing down AC bills by up to 30%.

Type of glazing:

Another thing to keep in mind is the type of glazing your fabricator uses in your uPVC windows. Opting for a double glazing over a single glazing window can also dramatically reduce all forms of heat transfer while giving the windows additional protection. Triple glaze is also a considerable option depending on your requirements and your geographical location.

High performance uPVC window systems are a great solution if energy-efficiency is what you are looking for. Aparna Venster is one of the leading manufacturers of uPVC windows and doors in India, producing high-quality single and double glazing windows and doors that are well sealed, professionally installed and come with quality hardware and glass.

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