uPVC windows and doors

How uPVC windows and doors add to your well-being

Windows form an essential part of our homes, they’re our view to the outside world, and our means for proper ventilation and sunlight. Hence, it is important that you choose beautiful windows that are also strong and durable, and are able to look great for years to come with minimal maintenance.

Older window frames that are made of traditional materials like wood have a massive disadvantage when compared to the advanced technology of new generation uPVC doors and windows in India. Today, uPVC windows and doors are becoming increasingly popular owing to the host of advantages they offer, which are not just limited to durability, performance and ease of maintenance but also extend to the many ways in which these windows and doors enhance our well-being.

While we may see our windows and doors as just as part of our homes, they are much more than that. At the superficial level, they add to the beauty of our homes but when you go beyond you will notice that they also play a critical role in our overall health and well-being.

Soundproof your homes with uPVC window and door systems

Soundproofing helps to reduce external noise levels by up to 30 – 40 decibels, resulting in a calm & serene indoor environment. Lower sound levels reduce stress and anxiety, and allow for better sleep.

For calmer, cooler summers

uPVC windows and doors carry out the job of regulating indoor temperatures by insulating against heat, which is a much needed feature, especially during the intense summer months in India. Poor quality windows tend to become less and less effective with time while uPVC windows deliver excellent performance for decades. Regulation of indoor temperatures also means that during winters, these windows and doors help maintain a warmer indoor temperature.

Keep away allergens and bacteria

High quality uPVC windows are completely water-proof and leak-proof, preventing any harmful microorganisms from entering your space. Air-tight seals also keep pollen and other bacteria at bay, protecting your home from allergens that can cause or trigger allergic reactions. They are also completely termite-proof.

Eco-friendly and non-toxic windows and doors

uPVC windows and doors that are manufactured using high quality raw materials and cutting edge technology are also totally lead-free. High performing uPVC systems also reduce AC bills thereby supporting energy conservation.

Hassle-free maintenance

uPVC windows and doors are also scratch resistant which eliminates the issue of abrasion. They are also stain and water resistant, making them very easy to maintain. Thorough cleaning once every few months will suffice to keep them looking and performing great for decades.

Poorly manufactured windows and doors may not be as effective as high quality windows and doors in ensuring good health and enhanced well-being. Selecting the right uPVC windows and doors manufacturer is as critical as selecting the right material for your windows and doors.

Aparna Venster is one of the leading manufacturers of several types of uPVC windows and uPVC doors in India. From the basic uPVC casement and sliding windows and doors to the more complex uPVC tilt and turn windows and slide and fold doors, all Aparna Venster products are made with high quality raw materials and cutting edge German technology to ensure high performance, unmatched durability, and great value for money. Our team of experts conduct elaborate and meticulous quality control measures at every stage of the process to ensure we consistently deliver one of the best uPVC windows and doors in India.

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