Know more Steel Reinforcements For uPVC Windows & Doors

All You Need To Know About Steel Reinforcements For uPVC Windows & Doors

Steel reinforcement is the process of reinforcing structures with steel bars in order to fortify the tensile strength of other materials incorporated within the structure. It also gives the structure a concrete appeal in terms of both appearance and durability.

Need for steel reinforcements in uPVC windows & uPVC doors:

1. uPVC steel reinforcements is a supplementary process in the course of producing windows & doors that is determined by the thickness of the profile frame
2. Steel reinforcement in uPVC windows & uPVC doors helps to control the rate of expansion and provide rigidity in cases where the frame size exceeds a certain amount of thickness
3. uPVC steel reinforcement is essential for larger frame sizes especially in coastal areas or for high-rise buildings that are exposed to massive wind pressure
4. Reinforcing uPVC doors and windows provides more rigidity to the hardware, making door locking mechanisms easier to incorporate into uPVC profile frames

Aparna Venster aspires to be the best by providing high-quality products and dedicated service. All of our products are subjected to stringent quality testing to guarantee that all of the uPVC window and door profile frames are steel-reinforced.

Why equip your interiors with uPVC doors and uPVC windows?

All-Weather Resistant – uPVC profiles are naturally resilient to extreme atmospheric conditions including heat, humidity, rainfall and wind pressure. They can easily withstand both extreme high and low temperatures.
High Insulation – uPVC doors and windows are made up of proficient insulation properties that contribute to energy-efficiency and noise sound-proofing of an indoor space. Thus, it proves to be an economically-efficient choice in the long-run.
Secured Choice – uPVC profiles offer a large scope of customization in terms of the locking mechanisms and rigid hardware, thus assuring complete safety of living in an interior space equipped with our uPVC windows and uPVC doors.
Flexibility of Customization – uPVC doors and uPVC windows by Aparna Venster come with an array of customization options with regards to the color, size, lamination, glass, glazing, hardware, mesh & grill.

Being a part of the reputed Aparna Group, Aparna Venster drives the eco-friendly revolution of uPVC door and window systems in India, backed by cutting-edge German technologies of production and hassle-free end-to-end service. Experience the harmony of living within indoor spaces equipped with our uPVC doors and windows.

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