laminated uPVC windows

All That You Need To Know About Laminated uPVC Windows

Colors and textures can add to the charm of any interior space through the art of laminating uPVC glass window frames with attractive and trendy lamination choices. Lamination refers to the process of adding multiple layers of materials to uPVC profiles that beautify the interiors with vibrant colors and textures. While lamination primarily caters to the aesthetic needs of an indoor space, it also equips uPVC glass window frames with an added layer of protection against external pollutants.

At Aparna Venster, lamination for uPVC glass windows is carried out by using superior German foil and hot melt PU adhesive. Aesthetics of an interior design speaks a lot about the home-owner’s personality. Elegant, royal, elite or minimalistic – what is your style?
Speak your style by choosing from our wide range of natural lamination textures and colors that match your style and blend well with the visual aesthetics of your house.

Popular lamination finishes for uPVC windows with glass include:

  1. Walnut – A bold yet subtle finish for uPVC windows with glass that blends effortlessly with lighter wall shades including cream, grey and beige.
  2. Dark Oak – Wears a spot-less look on the uPVC glass windows of a minimalistic interior theme and best suited for light-colored matt wall finishes.
  3. Rustic Oak – Rejuvenate in the lap of nature while gazing at plush exterior views through the naturally rustic finish of laminated glass windows for your home along with different types of glass options for uPVC windows that you can choose from.
  4. Mahogany – Live in the land of heritage owing to this rich and classy laminated glass window finish for uPVC profiles.
  5. Golden Oak- uPVC glass windows get the perfect wood-like appearance with this traditional wooden finish recommended for long-lasting laminated glass windows for homes.
  6. Pristine White – An evergreen shade of purity and calmness that blends with any wall color or texture including both bright and dark shades, making it one of the most popular choices of lamination for uPVC glass windows.

Benefits of laminated uPVC windows:

  • Aesthetically Appealing: Laminated uPVC windows enhance the entire makeover of an interior space and complement the charm of the furniture and fixtures among other elements of an interior design theme.
  • All-Weather Protection: uPVC glass windows are resilient to extreme climatic conditions in India, right from scorching heat during summers with dropping temperatures and high humidity in the winter season along with strong winds and heavy rainfall while monsoon peaks. Laminated uPVC windows are equipped with an additional coating that secures the window frames against water, humidity, UV rays and other pollutants beyond adding to the aesthetic value of a property.
  • Eco-Friendly Solution: Our eco-friendly manufacturing units are well-equipped to produce lead-free and non-toxic laminated uPVC window profiles with minimum wastage to ensure conservation of natural resources throughout.
  • Tailored Customization: Home-owners living in high-rise towers or shared community spaces seek higher flexibility of customizing the lamination for uPVC glass windows to blend with different color and textures of the indoor surfaces in contrast with the exterior surfaces. We strive to provide tailored customization of different lamination finishes on either side of a window frame.

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