uPVC Windows With Customized Options

uPVC Windows — aesthetic and functional windows for any space

One cannot imagine a house without windows. Windows play an inevitable role in the aesthetic and functional aspects of any place. They ensure optimum cross ventilation and are our view to the outside environment. They undoubtedly play the most essential role in illuminating the space with natural light. When designed to match the decor of the rest of the house, windows can change the entire aesthetic appeal of a place.

Over the past few years, window fabricators have switched from traditional materials like wood to uPVC and this has caused a huge spike in its demand due to its unmatched performance. Compared to traditional materials, uPVC windows are easiest to maintain, are termite proof, water tight and help a great deal in reducing noise and high electricity bills. With so many options in customization, uPVC windows, especially modern designs like uPVC sliding windows add a sleek, contemporary look to any space due to their neatly defined contours. Since they are less frame and more glass, they provide a vast, unobstructed look of the outdoors with excellent ventilation and lighting.

Why uPVC windows are a must have!

uPVC windows are the best choice for buying new windows or replacing old ones because they come with a wide range of benefits and qualities that make them last for decades and deliver an unrivalled operation. With minimum wear and tear, they are a perfect option for all spaces, irrespective of the geographical locations.

● Minimum maintenance with long life

uPVC windows are stain, scratch and water resistant, making them extremely easy to clean and maintain. They are leak proof and extremely durable. Made from supreme quality raw materials with precision engineering, they do not rot, corrode or get discoloured and look great for decades.

Enjoy the quiet calm

With the increasing noise pollution in today’s world, reduction of noise is what we actively look for in doors and windows. uPVC windows perform great in helping to reduce outside noise by almost 40 dB, in turn creating a calmer and more comfortable environment indoors.

Energy efficient, easy on the pocket

Another reason why uPVC windows are an excellent choice is because of its high energy efficiency. They help in cutting AC bills by a high 30% and save extra maintenance and functional repairs costs making them user friendly.

Safe and secure

Multiple chambers along with the multi lock system and the option to add galvanized steel reinforcements inside the profiles, makes uPVC windows highly safe and secure. Additionally, they can also withstand heavy rains, high speed winds and even corrosive and saline sea water.

Maintain a consistent indoor temperature

The ability of these windows to adapt to extreme weather conditions gives another reason why uPVC windows are ideal for your home. They provide abundant ventilation during summers and help trap warm heat in winters thereby maintaining a consistent indoor temperature.

No corrosion or warping

Unlike wood or other materials, uPVC has anti-corrosion and anti-termite properties. This leads to the windows looking excellent even after years and eradicates the need for constant or extensive maintenance and cleaning.

Enhance the visual appeal

In addition to all the above mentioned benefits, uPVC windows also play a major role in uplifting the visual aesthetics of any home. Clear glass and stylish laminates and frames make any space look appealing and sleek. They complement the rest of the house in their own manner and provide a great face value to your property. Customization is possible in terms of glass, glazing, laminate, color and more.

Wide range of uPVC window frames

uPVC windows come in a range of styles like the simple yet elegant fixed windows, casement windows and sliding windows to the beautiful arch windows and villa windows. Functional yet beautiful, these uPVC window frames add a touch of modern elegance to any space.

Aparna Venster manufactures some of the best uPVC windows that are of premium quality and provide extreme durability. With a wide range of customizable options available, you can choose windows that are most suitable for your aesthetic and functional needs. Our uPVC windows can withstand high velocity winds, help block harmful UV rays, are immune to saline water, prevent spread of fire, do not fade and look as good as new for decades along with adding an increased sense of space to your homes.

With Aparna Venster, we guide you at every step of the journey and ensure quality service from selection and design to installation and post-sale services. Choose Aparna Venster to get the best uPVC windows for bigger, happier and brighter homes.

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