The villa lifestyle differs from the usual urban living style greatly. It radiates elegance and luxury and requires decor that complements the tone of the house. Everything from the ceiling to the flooring, including the doors and windows should be carefully chosen to merge with the style of the villa when you build a new space or refurbish an old one.

Windows are one such part of the house that not only play a big role in ventilation and lighting but are also our view to the outside environment. uPVC villa windows are the perfect choice for your villas as they are designed to seamlessly blend with the aesthetics of the house. They are an ideal mix of style and safety and come with numerous benefits.

Why you should choose uPVC villa windows

uPVC villa windows are a unique combination of elegant design, unmatched performance, and great style. They come with an added iron grill that ensures extra safety and maximum protection. They also have a double sash and come with the option to add a bug mesh/screen to safeguard your indoors from unwanted insects.

Grill uPVC villa windows are also fitted with a multi-point locking system that ensures high security and are fast becoming the most popular and preferred windows due to their wide range of advantages. The key features of these windows are:

● Easy to clean and require minimal maintenance
● Last for years without much wear and tear
● Reduce outside noise by up to 40 dB and help make indoors calmer
● Provide heat insulation and optimum ventilation
● All-round protection from dust, dirt, and rain
● Weather resistant- can withstand adverse weather conditions
● Self-extinguishable in the unexpected event of a fire
● Corrosion and termite-proof- protection from fading, corrosion or warping

You can further customize your villa windows in a number of ways to suit the aesthetic and functional needs of your home. Choose from a range of colours, laminations, and glass. A bug mesh can be easily installed to secure your homes from flying insects, mosquitoes, and other pests. Additionally, you can opt for a grill uPVC villa window which is sturdy and provides added security where needed.

uPVC windows and doors are popular for their easy maintenance and high durability. Just like other uPVC windows, uPVC villa windows also come with double or triple glazing, which results in superior thermal insulation, thereby protecting you from chilly winds in the cold season and providing maximum cooling during the summer months. They are also easy on the pocket as they can help you reduce your high AC bills.

These windows are built to withstand extreme temperatures, thunderstorms, damage due to saline water, and other harsh weather conditions. They retain their colour, shine, and lustre for decades without the need of frequent polishing, repairs, or expensive care. This makes them ideal for all geographical areas across the country.

uPVC villa windows by Aparna Venster

Aparna Venster is one of the most trusted uPVC villa window manufacturers. Our uPVC villa windows are designed to effortlessly blend with the style and luxury of a villa, along with providing superior functionality. Made from a high-quality lead-free compound using advanced technology and German precision, our windows are built to last. We custom-design windows based on your preferences with premium-quality hardware and deliver an experience that will leave a lasting impression on all your guests and residents.

Always choose uPVC villa window manufacturers that provide an all-round hassle-free customer experience. Right from the design and survey to post-sale services, our team at Aparna Venster has got you covered. Visit our website today and get in touch with us to create seamless windows for your villa.