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uPVC casement doors are a perfect choice for homes looking for large openings.  Casement doors are extremely secure and insulated when closed.

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1. What is a casement door?
Casement doors are the ones which are hinged at the sides and can be made for both inside and outside openings. uPVC casement doors are an ideal choice for homes looking for wide openings. They are efficiently insulated when closed and extremely secure.
2. Are casement windows more secure?
The function of a casement window is such that it is most secure by default. It is considered the most protective window because there is no way to turn open the crank from the outside, leaving no way for the intruder to enter your home through if you're sure to close and lock it from the inside.
3. What do casement windows look like?
Casement windows open sideways where one pane slides over the other to fit into the frame. They are also known as crank windows and are often chosen for narrow and tall window openings. These swing outward and are attached to the window frame from the side.
4. Are casement windows more expensive?
uPVC casement windows come with a long list of advantages. They offer better thermal insulation, increased ventilation, effective soundproofing, and resistance to dirt, dust, stains, and scratches. These features make casement windows one of the most high-value window systems that require minimal to no maintenance.
5. What are the advantages of casement windows?
Apart from being highly durable and secure, casement windows also provide with excellent ventilation, insulation and are highly energy efficient. They also come in a wide range of designs and are often customizable as per your site.