Sliding Doors

The sliding uPVC doors comprise of two or more frames that can slide horizontally, to the left or right on tracks. The doors are very smooth to operate since they are slightly raised above the track. This also prevents the dust from settling in the track. uPVC Sliding doors are a perfect fit if you are looking to make your space look well-lit and spacious.

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1. What is a sliding doors?
A sliding door opens horizontally by swift sliding movements of the door sash, often parallel to a wall. Sliding doors can be arranged on top of a track-below or be suspended from a track-above and some designs even disappear in a wall as they are slide.
2. What are the best sliding doors?
uPVC sliding doors must be judged by their quality and durability. uPVC sliding doors that are high on performance are usually considered high-quality. Look for energy efficiency, sound insulation, water-tightness, strong structure, color stability and multiple locking systems while looking for high-quality sliding doors. Another factor to consider is the range of designs and the customization options being offered to give you the right mix of style and functionality.
3. Which is better french door or sliding door?
Both the doors are highly effective in their styles. However, sliding doors provide top-notch security and much better ease in functioning. Sliding doors are also a space-saving option. Sliding glass doors use a glass pack and hence provide better energy-efficiency than the french doors.
4. How a sliding door works?
Sliding doors are the type which open and close by sliding a door panel on a set of parallel horizontal rails. Weight of the door is a major consideration here, since these rollers take all of the door's weight. If the door is too heavy, it will hinder the ease of movement of the doors on the rollers.