Combination Windows

Combination windows are one of the most unique styles of windows that you can incorporate in your space. An integration of slidingcasement, and fixed windows; combination windows can be designed as per your need and size requirement. The advantage with combination windows is that your chosen styles can be combined together and built into one robust and attractive frame. Along with offering design flexibility, the combination windows also provide excellent thermal insulation.

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1. What is combination window?
A combination window is where the design combines casement, sliding and fixed windows designs and is the merger of 2 windows. Combination windows can also be of same type such as sliding-sliding window or different such as fixed-slider or sliding-casement window.
2. Can you mix window styles in a home?
Whether you're opting for a traditional or contemporary look, mixing window styles to add an extra aesthetic element to your decor is always a fun idea. For instance, you can opt for the classic casement or sliding windows for the bedrooms and the elegant arch or villa windows for common spaces like the living room.