Slide and Fold Doors

uPVC Slide & Fold Doors – Bi Fold Doors by Aparna Venster

uPVC Slide & Fold Doors – Bi Fold Doors

Slide and fold uPVC doors are designed for maximum flexibility while providing a smart yet attractive look to your entrance. The slide and fold uPVC doors come with a sash which gives you the choice to move it in either direction or stack them to one end. The design isn’t the only aspect these doors have to offer as they are highly durable making them immune to extreme temperatures.

They have the advantage of opening completely or partially, providing you with an adequate amount of ventilation and fresh air.

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1. What are slide fold doors?
Slide and fold uPVC doors are stackable doors that fold at multiple panel hinges, and also slide and stack perfectly to one or more sides. This allows for a smooth transition between indoors to outside settings free of any hindrance or obstruction.
2. Which is better bifold or sliding doors?
Both sliding doors and bifold doors are high in utility and performance and you can install either of them depending on your needs. While slide & fold or bifold doors, that can be stacked completely to one end, provide an unobstructed view of the outdoors, sliding doors are easier to operate and can help you save on space.
3. How much does it cost to install folding doors?
uPVC folding doors are a high-value investment that pays off extremely well in the long run. Due to high durability and increased performance, these doors eliminate the need for expensive repairs and function as good as new for years even with very little maintenance.
4. Are sliding doors more expensive?
When compared to other door systems, uPVC sliding doors are considered a one-time high-value investment that is totally worth the cost. Their superior energy-efficient performance helps reduce electricity bills and offers great ventilation.
5. How long do sliding glass doors last?
uPVC Sliding doors require the strength and durability to be able to withstand constant opening and closing, mostly to the outdoors in homes. Hence they are made with hardwearing materials and even with minimal maintenance they usually last about 30 years and more.