Arch Windows

Since we understand that not everyone wants standard rectangular shaped windows, we manufacture uniquely configured uPVC arch windows with customized reinforcement. You can also customise the Windows with the sash, mesh, grill, and hardware of your choice.

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1. What is as arch window?
An arch window has the bottom half of the window in a rectangular shape while the top is an arch or semi-circle. Arch window desgins add a unique and interesting vibe to a room and give a contrasting effect when paired with the straight corners of rectangular windows and walls.
2. How do you style arched windows?
Styling arch windows is an individual endeavor, based on how you want your arched window to be styled you can use many options. Drapes and curtains are a trendy go-to. However, shades, shutter and blinds can also be opted for as per your customization to fit your desired aesthetic vision.
3. What are arched windows called?
An arch window is also known as a 'radius window'. Arch windows create a victorian-like effect in both modern and old homes. Arch windows can be tall (casement windows) or wide (awning window). In traditional homes, arch windows can be used to create a dramatic effect.