Casement Windows

One of the most popular styles of uPVC Windowscasement windows, with their unobstructed opening, offer an attractive view to the outside world. uPVC Casement Windows are suitable for any style or height of the building. The windows come with a sash that is connected to the outer frame by means of friction hinges or butt hinges, perfect for maximum air circulation. Casement windows are very energy efficient and come in varied designs like side hung, and top hung.

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1. What is casement window?
Sometimes known as side hung windows, casement windows come with one sash that is connected to the outer frame through butt hinges or friction hinges, which are excellent for more air circulation. uPVC Casement windows are very energy efficient and come in different variations like side hung, and top hung.
2. What are the advantages of casement windows?
Casement windows are offered in various combinations of openable and fixed patterns. They come with a double seal system providing sound insulation and improving energy efficiency. With multi-point lock system that enhances safety and security and sturdy/durable hardware that doesn’t rust or corrode.
3. What is double casement window ?
Double casement windows have two sashes that open from the middle with no center stile, providing a wide and unobstructed glass, hinged on both the sides and can operate easy-to-reach handle.
4. How long do casement windows last?
While the life of a casement window depends a lot on the usage, broadly speaking, casement windows supplied by premium brands that provide top-notch quality windows last for a 30 to 50 years, while the glazing of the window lasts a minimum of 20 years, with minimal maintenance.
5. How much does a casement window cost?
The cost of a casement window depends on the quality and customization options that go with it. High-quality uPVC casement windows are considered a sound, high-value investment as they are extremely durable and robust, and look great for years with just minimal maintenance and effort.
6. Are casement windows more energy efficient than double hung?
Both casement windows and double hung windows open wide and provide excellent ventilation. However, double-hung windows only open one half of that of a casement window because the sashes come up and down over each other and this tracking system provides multiple points for air to leak, making it slightly less energy efficient.