3 things you should do to maintain your uPVC windows and doors

3 things you should do to maintain your uPVC windows and doors

uPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) has fast become the popular material of choice for making windows and doors for good reason. Its extreme durability and high value are what sway customers in its direction. Apart from its amazing strength and versatility, one feature that is most loved about uPVC windows and doors is that they are extremely low maintenance when compared to doors and windows made using traditional materials like wood. They never need to be painted or polished, and will continue to look amazing even after years of regular use.

There are a few simple maintenance measures you can take to get the most out of your uPVC windows and doors, extend their lifetime and enhance their beauty even further.

To clean the frame

It is recommended that the uPVC window frame be cleaned at least twice a year, depending on the levels of dust and pollution in your neighbourhood. Begin by using a simple dusting brush and wiping off all the dust, dirt and cobwebs, then use a vacuum cleaner to clear it all away. Pay extra attention to the corners and crevices. Follow that by using a damp, clean, uncoloured piece of cloth to clean the uPVC window frame thoroughly. Mix in some cleaning liquid if required. Ensure that you don’t leave any marks. If the dirt is especially stubborn, you can also get a PVC cleaner from any local store, but be careful while using it as it may adversely affect the silicone seals.

To clean the glass

The glass of your uPVC doors and windows should be cleaned between four to eight times in a year. To clean the window glass, you must first give the glass a good rub with a damp cloth to get rid of excess dirt. Also, avoid cleaning your window glass in direct sunlight as this can produce a streaky finish. You can also use e-cloths to clean window glass. E-cloths come in a package of two pieces of cloth – one for cleaning and the other for drying, so as to give the glass a perfect and uniform shine.

Moving parts

It is advisable to use a spray oil to maintain the working parts of your uPVC doors and windows every six months (handles, locking systems, and hinges) to keep them moving smoothly. Care must be taken to not to get any oil on the glass.

  • Handles

    keep the window or door closed, spray some oil onto the key and insert into the handle lock – wiggle the key around gently and move it in and out of the lock several times to ensure that the oil is applied uniformly throughout.

  • Locking systems

    With the window or door open, spray some oil on the locking strip and wipe away the excess oil.

  • Hinges

    With the window or door open, spray some oil on the friction hinges. If the hinges feel too loose after they’ve been sprayed, use a tightening screw to re-tighten the hinge.

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