The main goal of vaastu for doors and windows is to create positive energy in enclosed areas. And in terms of houses, energies enter and exit through these windows and doors. According to experts, the openings should be positioned in a certain way to encourage prosperous and healthy living.

For a variety of reasons, homeowners who are eager to construct a vaastu-compliant home should give extra consideration to doors and windows. They allow positive energy to enter the house and keep out negative energy in addition to serving the functions of allowing in air and sunlight.


  1. An auspicious entryway faces east, west, or north. To counteract the influence of bad energy, it is recommended to avoid building doors or windows that face south or southwest. Remember that a home’s main door must be larger than any other door inside the building. Make an effort to include lovely decorations, bright lighting, and pleasing hues on the front entrance. Avoid keeping the front entrance bland.
  2. Additionally, optimism originates in even numbers. The number of doors and windows in a home should always be balanced and in multiples of two, such as two, four, six, and so on, according to Vaastu specialists.
  3. Experts in door vaastu advise having doors with hinges that do not squeak when opening or shutting for the best door mechanism for the home. It appears that there will be more disputes at home, complete with squeaky windows and doors. Smooth hinges are a sign of healthier domestic connections. 
  4. Ideal window design calls for in-tune shapes with proportionate heights. Windows with odd shapes and sizes should not be used since they are considered unlucky.  
  5. Bright colours create an upbeat atmosphere in your home. As a result, pick bright entrance doors. You must stay away from the dark colours. Dark colours in your home frequently foster negative emotions.
  6. Cross-ventilation must be taken into account when installing windows and doors. The best placement should enable adequate lighting and airflow throughout the house. It is advised to place windows and doors such that they are across from one another to accomplish this. This configuration allows for the easy circulation of outside air and light, improving the comfort and ventilation of the living area. You may improve the atmosphere and air quality in your home by giving cross-ventilation priority when placing doors and windows.
  7. Avoid placing anything in the way of the main entrance, such as pots, sculptures, poles, etc. They obstruct the movement of good energy. 

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