Aparna Venster’s uPVC solutions let more natural light pour into your home!

The sun’s rays ignite the rhythm of our hearts, raising our vibration and keeping us cheerful all day. A comfortable living area with adequate natural lighting in its interior design makes a home “Our Happy Place!”

Though natural light is a significant aspect of interior design for making the house a healthy living space, uPVC windows and doors absorb the power of sun rays while helping us conserve natural resources, thereby minimizing our carbon footprints on the planet.

Living a sedentary lifestyle requires us to be more conscious about soaking in abundant natural light as well as allowing the revitalizing sunlight into our homes and workplaces. Basking in a dash of the natural source of light is essential for our physiological well-being as it enhances our mood and boosts our productivity.

Why is sunlight important for a house?

Here are some of the advantages of living in an environment that has been meticulously designed to allow for ample natural lighting and ventilation into an interior space:

  1. A vibrant home is a healthy paradise
  • Our skin radiates owing to the regulated circulation of blood in our body upon being exposed to sufficient daylight through eco-friendly uPVC windows, which also minimizes the risk of cardiac disorders.
  • Sunlight also aids in stress management, empowering us to cope with anxiety-provoking situations.
  • Vitamin D obtained from the natural source of light helps to strengthen our immune system and keeps illnesses at bay.
  • Sunlight also encourages the neurons in our brain to generate serotonin, which helps alleviate pain and lowers the risk of depression.
  • According to several research studies, residents who are exposed to a sufficient amount of natural light at home have a more peaceful circadian rhythm and a synchronized sleeping pattern.
  1. Natural light is great for both your house and the environment
  • A well-lit interior space appears larger, opens up to magnificent views, and also measures to a substantially higher monetary value.
  • In addition to an appealing ambiance, residential spaces with energy-efficient uPVC windows provide a dash of the natural source of light and refine the quality of air within the indoor space.
  • As an environmentally friendly alternative, uPVC doors and windows help to minimize carbon emissions and conserve essential natural resources for future generations.
  • By detoxifying the air quality inside an indoor space, well-ventilated and ambient interior spaces foster the growth of indoor plants.
  1. Make the most out of every moment you have while the sun shines
  • Consider maximizing natural lighting in your interior design plan to increase residents’ productivity and concentration power, since the power of sunlight stimulates creativity, boosts cognitive capacities, and nourishes your body’s energy levels.

Aparna Venster, one of India’s leading brands for uPVC windows and doors, was the pioneer in launching uPVC windows and doors in South India – with the sole mission of delivering the finest products with top-notch quality, backed by excellent customer assistance. Aparna Venster’s eco-friendly provide ample natural light in your interior spaces by utilizing superior quality resources in our fabrication facilities to offer the flexibility of customisation in addition to superior quality.

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