Highly Secure windows and doors with uPVC

Highly Secure Windows and Doors with uPVC

Doors and windows serve as the entry point to any area and should thus be constructed with the highest care and attention. They are responsible for the security and safety of the facility in addition to performing important activities such as ventilation. Today, the construction industry is quickly adopting uPVC as one of the most popular building materials due to its numerous advantages over its conventional counterparts. uPVC frames provide very secure windows and doors.

The security of your uPVC profiles may be determined by factors like the quality of the raw material used, the installation of a quality uPVC frame, the addition of an additional grill, and the use of single or multi-point locking mechanisms.

The strength and security of uPVC profiles: 

uPVC frames made from high-quality raw materials are strong and stable and are frequently regarded as burglar-proof glass doors and windows. Because uPVC windows and doors are resistant to harsh temperatures, heavy rains, and other climatic extremes, they are suited for all weather and geographies. They are also resistant to salty water or moisture damage, giving a durable structure.

High wall thickness

The wall thickness of uPVC profiles has a significant impact on the level of safety it can provide. Choose uPVC vendors who sell uPVC windows and doors with a high wall thickness. This not only makes doors stronger and more difficult to break through, but also provides other benefits such as enhanced energy efficiency and noise reduction.

Multi-chambered design

The existence of several chambers is another essential component in establishing the strength and security of uPVC profiles. These not only offer added security but also aid with thermal insulation and temperature management, keeping the inside cooler.

Multipoint locking systems

Always pick a multipoint locking system over a single one for burglar-proof glass windows and doors. Furthermore, when multipoint locking systems are combined with double or triple-glazed glass, the overall security of your property is substantially strengthened. Glazing also has a considerable impact on temperature management and soundproofing.

Adding a mesh/grill

Steel reinforcements, grills, numerous locks, and additional glazing make it exceedingly difficult to smash or break through uPVC windows and doors. They work together to provide a security glass system that is both practical and easy to maintain. A mesh can be installed to provide further protection against unwanted pests and insects.

The advantage of uPVC

Aside from the benefits described above, uPVC doors and windows have various features that contribute to the house’s greater operation, assist in decreasing maintenance costs, and ensure excellent insulation.

  • Practically maintenance-free
  • Extremely durable and high on performance
  • Cuts outside noise by up to 30-40 dB
  • Provides superior protection against UV rays
  • Termite-proof and watertight
  • Resistant to corrosion, warping, fading, or cracking
  • Delivers better thermal insulation
  • Can withstand high-velocity winds

Aparna Venster offers extremely secure uPVC windows and doors that serve as ideal security glass solutions for homes, businesses, and any other space. The burglar-resistant glass doors and windows Venster offers, make any home stronger, safer, and more secure by offering a wide range of customised options in terms of profile colour, laminate selection, mesh/grill, and outstanding hardware.

Get in touch with us today to experience a hassle-free customer experience from start to finish and enjoy the benefits of customer-friendly post-sale services.

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