Imagine how wonderful your living space will look after it has been installed with coloured uPVC windows. The interiors of your home will have a rich and dreamy look. After its introduction in the early 70’s, the uPVC windows have ruled the architectural enigma. uPVC windows were the perfect solution to many of the challenges one faced with traditional window. On the other hand coloured uPVC windows are the perfect balance to protect the living space and are aesthetically appealing.

Coloured uPVC windows provide a huge array of advantages. Some of the most engaging ones are:

Charming Appeal:

If you are looking to make a style statement with your windows, basic white frames may not fit the bill. Enchanting coloured uPVC windows and doors in a home give the home a surprisingly elevated makeover. More homeowners are now interested in experimenting with coloured uPVC windows and enhance the look and feel of their home. They are easy to blend in with the furniture and have a superior texture and feel.

Weather Proof:

Coloured uPVC windows have laminated colour coatings which makes it resistant to extreme weather conditions in India such as heat and monsoon. Due to its rigid structural properties, it does not change its shape and remains unaffected by severe temperature changes.

Radiation Proof:

uPVC windows generally have good colour retention properties giving them an excellent finishing touch. With the depletion of the ozone layer, the harmful UV rays upon direct contact can cause skin cancer. Highly opaque properties of coloured uPVC windows help in preventing such adverse health disorders. They deflect the UV rays and are chemical and waterproof as well.

Environmental friendly:

These coloured uPVC windows utilize less power while they are produced and customized. They are lead-free, completely recyclable and hence there is no wastage. We believe that we are doing our bit for a safe and healthy environment around us.

Scratch proof:

With coloured uPVC window frames, there is always a worry in the back of your mind that the colour might fade, there maybe be scratches and dents. But, our coloured uPVC window frames have an anti-staining feature. The windows can be simply be cleaned by wiping, making them shine like new. There will be no re-painting hassle attached with installing coloured uPVC windows.

Aparna Venster’s coloured uPVC windows are the most sought-after product due to its durability, dimensional accuracy and for being harsh weather resistant. These coloured laminations are imported from Germany and can be customized to your needs.

So what are you waiting for? Design your home with coloured uPVC windows to make it look exquisite. Take a look here: