monsoon proof your home with upvc windows and doors

Monsoon-proof your home with uPVC windows and doors

While most of us enjoy the relief that the Monsoons offer from the scorching heat of the Summer, a lot of home-owners also start worrying about the host of other problems that the Monsoons bring with them, especially the harm they do to our living spaces.

From water seepages from heavy rains to swollen windows that refuse to close—these concerns, if unchecked, can grow to become detrimental to not just the aesthetics but also to the foundation of your homes and offices.

Aparna Venster’s uPVC windows and doors are crafted with precision using superior lead-free uPVC compound and the state-of-the-art German machinery to build uPVC doors and windows that stay monsoon-proof and durable.

Aparna Venster’s uPVC windows and doors systems are monsoon-proof and provide a host of benefits.

Water-resistant uPVC windows and doors:

A major relief that Venster uPVC windows and doors provide is against water seepage. These uPVC profiles for windows and doors have been built to stay 100% water-tight ensuring zero seepage not just protecting your windows but also the beautiful walls.

Wind-resistant uPVC windows and doors:

These wind-resistant uPVC windows and doors are reinforced with galvanized steel core and come with hurricane bars, making them capable of withstanding high-velocity winds, avoiding rattling or whistling sounds especially in high-rise buildings and coastal areas.

Termite-Proof uPVC windows and doors:

While wooden windows are prone to termite infestation that increases during the monsoon season, uPVC doors and windows are termite-proof and keep your windows as good as new for a long time.

Mosquito Mesh:

Onset of Monsoons bring with it the increase in mosquito infestation. Venster provides you a range of mesh options to choose from to keep mosquitoes and insects at bay without obstructing the fresh Monsoon breeze from coming in.

Noise-Resistant uPVC windows and doors:

Venster uPVC windows and doors also help cut outside noise by 30-40 dB, thereby reducing the sound of the thunders outside.


Durability is a major advantage that Venster uPVC windows and doors offer. While wooden or aluminium windows are prone to termites, rust, corrosion, etc.; uPVC doors and windows do not rot, corrode or warp and have been designed to retain their shape, size, colour, and shine for years to come.

uPVC window frames are designed to stand extreme weather conditions and are an ideal choice for those looking for low maintenance weather-proof and monsoon-proof windows and doors.

Enjoy the cool breeze and the beauty of the rain without worrying about anything else with Venster uPVC windows and doors. Not just protect your space from the winds and rains, but also beautify your place with our wide range of customization options in terms of frame designs, colors, laminations, hardware and more.

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