Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) is fast becoming the most popular and preferred material for windows due to its highly versatile and sustainable nature. It comes with numerous advantages and has extreme durability and performance, along with enhanced security and noise reduction capabilities. With the increased demand, there has been a spike in not only the wide range of customizable options it offers, but also in the number of uPVC window suppliers available in the market.

From durability to variety, there are many questions you need to ask your uPVC window supplier in order to get the best uPVC windows. It is very essential to keep in mind the following things before you choose the perfect windows and doors for your home.

Are they highly durable?

The quality of building materials and technology used by uPVC window manufacturers determines the durability and performance of the product. The manufacturing process plays a great role in retaining the quality of windows over time. Further, you should always go for options that provide more heat insulation and increased cooling.

Do they require a lot of maintenance?

One of the key features that makes uPVC a desirable material is its need for very minimal maintenance. Traditional materials like wood are more susceptible to damages due to termite infestation, fading, warping etc. Always select window profiles that are easy to clean and are stain and scratch resistant to make your job of maintenance easy.

Are they suitable for all weather conditions?

Where summers require cooling, and winters need warmth, the rainy months ask for water resistant windows. Windows that can adjust to the surrounding temperatures around the year are what you should look for. Opt for double or triple glazed windows with heat insulation properties that will keep you cool in summers and warm in the cold. uPVC windows that are waterproof and saline water resistant are best suitable for coastal areas and areas with heavy rainfall.

Are they secure?

In addition to the heat insulation properties, always ask your uPVC window suppliers for the strength and security that the windows provide. Go for profiles that have a multi-point locking system and triple glazed windows with a tough glass that is difficult to break through. Multiple glazing also makes the interiors a lot calmer as it blocks outside noise by up to 40 dB.

What type of warranty policy is provided?

Probably one of the most important things to keep in mind before you place your order is to ensure that there is an effective warranty policy provided by the window supplier. This should include a quick and effective customer support team that helps you resolve any matters of concern you have and provide solutions for any physical damage caused to the windows within a certain period of time after installation.

Can I customize the windows and doors to match my house design?

Every space has its own requirements for functionality and design and the right uPVC window suppliers will provide you with an extensive range of options in terms of types, sizes, colours and finishes. While for common spaces, window profiles that are larger and give more ventilation are suitable, for bedrooms, you should choose more functional and basic designs. Further, you should have the option to customize as you please with the type of lamination, mesh, glazing and glass to create windows and doors that meet your requirements.

Do you provide customer support after installation?

Choosing a suitable window profile is just a small part of the process, whereas installation, maintenance and post-sale services are essential for a hassle free experience. Go with uPVC window suppliers that provide end-to-end support right from helping you decide between various options to customer support after installation.

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