uPVC windows and doors installation

Step by step process followed by Aparna Venster for installing uPVC doors and windows

In today’s busy times, accessibility and convenience are the key to any satisfactory customer experience. Expert guidance and customized solutions can greatly enhance your purchase and installation experience, thereby helping you achieve your desired products with minimal hassles.

Opting for a supplier who understands your specific needs and provides all-round comprehensive solutions is thus a great boon. When it comes to installing uPVC window and door systems, Aparna Venster has a legacy of delivering nothing but the best since the past 13 years.

At Aparna Venster, we strive to deliver premium quality products that are added with the benefit of a comprehensive customer service. Our wide range of bespoke uPVC window and door solutions are an ideal fit for all residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Our wealth of knowledge and expertise in the construction industry along with our specialized teams helps us design high-performing, superior-quality uPVC windows and doors that can be tailor-made to suit your needs. We deliver these unmatched products through a step-by-step process that comprises everything from the survey and design to post installation services.

One of the first steps in the process is survey and design. In this, our experienced team starts by visiting your site and understanding your spatial requirements and works around your design needs in order to devise the perfect solution for your space. They take into account the functional and performance needs of the space and make a note of other site-related specifics.

  •   Fabrication & Delivery

Employing state-of-the-art technology, Aparna Venster makes use of the highest quality raw materials, and performs stringent quality control checks on all its manufacturing processes. Our advanced engineering and German precision, ensures the highest accuracy and reliability in all our products.

Further, we make use of premium quality glassware, glazing and hardware that are designed to last for decades without any compromise on their performance. Our years of expertise and the use of high output driven machines, helps us deliver premium finished products, on time, every time. Our delivery agents are committed to delivering all our products safely to the site and on schedule.

  • Installation & Maintenance

Our commitment to all-inclusive, end-to-end service goes beyond just fabrication and delivery to installation to maintenance as well. Our team of specialized engineers always ensure a smooth installation and will guide you through all the necessary maintenance and operation instructions.

Even after the uPVC window or door installation, our expert technicians will be made ready at your disposal in case of any rectification or other service issues, free of charge for  the first one year.

We have a reputation for flawless customer service and have achieved the trust of thousands of happy customers that were supported by our professional uPVC window or door installation and hassle-free consumer support.

  •   Post-sale service

Even post installation, our sales team keeps a close check on the functioning of your uPVC windows & doors to ensure smooth operation and easy maintenance for you.

All our products are designed with your chosen specifications using advanced technology. However, if you still come across any issues or problems at any point during or after the entire process, you can easily state your concern or query by raising a request with our customer service team. that is available 24×7.

After a request is raised, our technicians will personally visit the site again to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Additionally, our post-sale service also covers any nature-induced physical damage or other functional issues related to your uPVC windows and doors, all free of charge for the first year after installation.

Aparna Venster- With you, every step of the way

Our world-class infrastructure has helped us achieve more than 1.5 million uPVC windows & doors installations across India, making us one of India’s most trusted uPVC windows and doors supplier that delivers all end-to-end solutions with ease. All our uPVC window and door systems are built to match the highest European standards and deliver unmatched performance throughout their use without undergoing much wear and tear.

Want to refurbish your space but don’t know where to start? Explore our website and contact our expert teams today for a truly hassle-free experience.

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