India is home to some of the most beautiful and varied coastline areas facing the Arabian sea and the Bay of Bengal.

If you’re lucky enough to live on the coast, you surely appreciate the spectacular scenery it has to offer. You’ll also understand how harsh the weather can get. This comes with the territory.

Starting with the dense, salt-ladened air, high-speed windy conditions, and frequent heavy downpours, they are all part of a coastal environment. This can cause great damage to seaside homes and hotels when left unprotected.

If you want total protection from the elements, Aparna VENSTER can offer you the uPVC window and door solution that is ideal for your needs. Get you prepared and ready to face any thing nature can throw against your windows and doors.

Beautiful, Made-To-Order Seaside uPVC window system

When you want the best protection for your coastal property, we recommend Aparna VENSTER uPVC windows. They are some of the most robust, secure, and weather-proof windows available today.

Ideal for those looking for uPVC windows and doors in Vizag, Chennai and other coastal cities, our uPVC windows come with hurricane bars which makes them very strong. They are also perfect for customers staying in high-rises and buildings in coastal areas that are subject to high humidity and harsh winds.

The perfectly fusion welded insulating uPVC frames eliminate draughts and vastly reduce heat ingression. Their highly durable uPVC exterior is weather resistant and will continue to perform well for many years to come with no deterioration in quality or in their performance.

They also feature advanced draught sealing and together with rebated sashes provide robust protection.  The design lends itself perfectly to modern buildings, new builds and replacement projects.

And most important of all, all our window systems are energy rated and keep the interiors cool in summers and warm in winter.

Robust, Weather-Proof Made-To-Order Seaside uPVC Door System

When it comes to doors and your entrance door on your seaside home, Aparna VENSTER uPVC door system is the best option. Here is why? They provide very high levels of thermal efficiency and help keep your home weather-proof and very safe.

uPVC doors are weather resistant and provide years of protection from the elements, even withstanding damage from abrasive winds containing sand and salt which will erode a weaker material like timber and wrought iron.

With minimal maintenance, your uPVC door will continue to provide the highest levels of protection, look great and add peace of mind to residents living within.

Find The Perfect Style

Aparna VENSTER uPVC windows and doors feature highly efficient double glazing units to provide exceptional levels of insulation.  High security is achieved with strong multi-point locking mechanisms and internal beading.  They don’t wrap, twist, or jam and fulfill the stringent requirements of European standards.

Aparna VENSTER uPVC window & door systems are available in a variety of styles, configurations, opening options and are customizable to meet your requirements. Whether you live in a cottage by the sea or in a modern high rise apartment, our window and door solutions can be manufactured to even the most diverse specifications.

Our experienced team of technicians and accredited installers go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that all our customers are fully satisfied with their installation.

We are extremely proud of our outstanding customer service. We always ensure that our customers find the best solution for their properties – whether they are looking for uPVC windows and doors in Vizag or in a landlocked city like Hyderabad.