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Aparna Venster uPVC Doors Make Interior Look More Spacious

Old mansions are equipped with bulky doors and windows which are made using traditional building materials such as wooden arches, aluminium frames and steel structures that add to the grandeur of a property, whilst contemporary compact homes wear a modest appearance with sleek windows and doors that make small houses look bigger and spacious.
Ever wondered how doors and windows impact the look and feel of an interior space?

When you choose to equip your interiors with uPVC doors and windows, their minimalistic and elegant frames invite more light into the interior space making the walls of your house appear wider which makes indoor spaces feel larger.

Here’s why uPVC is considered to be a smart choice for modern interior spaces:

● uPVC windows have an elegant and chic appeal which ensure better ventilation for your commercial and residential space. It also gives an opportunity for interior designers to accommodate additional fixtures within limited spaces.
● uPVC doors and windows are water-resistant as well as prevent noise and dust pollution from posing a threat of making confined interior spaces look cramped and gloomy.
● With a seamlessly integrated design, uPVC doors and windows offer robust built-in security locking systems in their lead-free uPVC profile frames which makes them an ideal solution for securing small houses and office spaces.
● Low-maintenance with high durability of uPVC doors and windows makes it the most suitable as well as economically-effective choice for compact interior spaces.
● uPVC doors and windows can be easily customized to suit the theme and style of an interior design unlike traditional wooden doors and windows that fail to make small houses look wide and spacious due to their rigidity.

How can an interior space look more spacious?

1. Luminate the interior spaces with slender uPVC Windows:

Eco-friendly uPVC windows invite ample natural lighting and ensure better ventilation in bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens of residential properties as well as supports effective ventilation at commercial spaces. uPVC windows can be easily customized in terms of style, color, glass, hardware and mesh & grill to blend well with the aesthetic appeal of any interior space, which makes the interiors feel capacious.

Types of uPVC Windows-

uPVC Sliding Windows
uPVC Casement Windows
uPVC Arch Windows
uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows
uPVC Villa Windows

2. uPVC doors beautify the entrances of interior spaces by their tall and elegant appeal:

Incredibly strong and slim uPVC doors can be easily customized in terms of color, glass and hardware according to the theme of the interior design and also offer secured built-in locking systems that create a rich and stylish impression for the primary entrances of residential and commercial spaces. uPVC doors are a sustainable choice for bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms as they are durable and easy-to-maintain. uPVC glass doors offer a chic appearance to balconies and lawns with gorgeous views that make interior spaces look vast and pleasant.

Types of uPVC Doors-

uPVC Casement Doors
uPVC Sliding Doors
uPVC Colored Doors
uPVC Slide and Fold doors

3. Sturdy and sleek uPVC profile frames gives the interiors an enormous look:

uPVC profile frames are substantially thinner and much stronger than wooden frames, thereby reducing the width of glass and mesh making windows and doors look classy and wide. Compact interior spaces need a wider area of glass and mesh for better ventilation and lighting, which make indoor spaces look vibrant and huge.

Creative hacks of remodeling interior spaces that will make them look bigger:

1. uPVC sliding windows are perfectly engineered for your kitchen to breathe better.
2. uPVC arch windows give a chic look to stairways of an independent house or corporate-owned commercial spaces.
3. uPVC casement doors create a graceful appeal for balconies, lawns and terraces.
4. uPVC sliding doors add an elegant touch to the walls of bedrooms and living-rooms.
5. uPVC colored doors at the primary entrances of residential and commercial spaces create a warm and majestic appeal.

Why choose Aparna Venster?

A part of the prestigious Aparna Group, Venster has been successfully leading the uPVC doors and windows market as India’s premier brand for more than a decade. We provide end-to-end solutions in the process of manufacturing and distribution of building materials, offering tailored services to match the requirements of our expansive clientele that includes residential owners, architects, interior designers and fabricators.

Venster’s uPVC doors and windows are produced using superior German technology that cater to the modern-day needs of the manufacturing and construction industry. With the assurance of quality and service, remodel your interiors by choosing from our premium range of lead-free uPVC doors and windows for a renewed spacious appeal of your property.

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