Choosing right uPVC windows and doors

Choosing the right uPVC windows & doors? No worries when there’s warranty with Venster!

While remodeling our interior spaces with uPVC windows and doors, all we seek is a wide and durable range of uPVC products that we can choose from, which can be easily customized as per our preferences with seamless installation and dedicated end-to-end solutions.

Is that too much to expect? Not at all!

Aparna Venster stands by the strong commitment of delivering high-quality uPVC windows and doors and provides end-to-end solutions for a hassle-free experience. Engineered with precision and manufactured using world-class technology, our wide range of uPVC windows and doors are guaranteed to sustain their natural color and structural properties for a minimum of a decade after installation. All mechanical parts and hardware such as locks, hinges, and handles are guaranteed against malfunction under regular usage until the completion of 1 year after installation.

Being a secured and robust choice, uPVC windows and doors by Aparna Venster are a  testimonial of high-performance products with an aesthetic appeal and unmatched service. The only conditions under which our warranty becomes void include:

  • Damages and defects arising due to willful mishandling or negligence and accidental events.
  • Damages caused by external factors such as natural calamities and harsh weather conditions.
  • Uninstallation and reinstallation of the uPVC windows and doors by an unauthorized service provider.
  • Occurrence of damages or defects as a consequence of other civil work being carried out after installation at the same premises or at an adjoining property.

A few maintenance tips that will help you sustain the longevity and appeal of uPVC windows and doors:

  1. Glass cleaning – Cleaning the glass of uPVC windows and doors gently using a glass cleaner solution and a soft cloth keeps your interiors spick and span as well as protects the glass from scratches.
  2. Smoothening the handles – Periodically clean the moving mechanical parts of the windows and doors to eliminate unwanted debris that can impact the smooth functioning of the handles and other parts. Also grease them with regular machine oil but refrain from using metal polish or harsh cleaning products.
  3. Upkeeping of the external frame and sash – Frequently clean the interior and exterior surfaces of the uPVC window and door frames with a soft cloth, mild liquid cleansing solution and rinse-off with water to get rid of any grime, dust or stubborn marks, which majorly helps reduce the regular wear-and-tear of the products and increasing longevity and durability.
  4. Hardware maintenance – For all the in-built lock types of a window or door, ensure that the key-way, latch and keeps are free from dirt, debris and obstruction for smooth functioning of the lock system at all times. In multi-point locking systems, periodically or annually grease each side of every additional hook and bolt with an adequate amount of petroleum jelly to smoothen the functioning of the lock. In addition to the locks, maintain the track by cleaning and gently greasing the track surface on a annual basis with petroleum jelly.

A part of the reputed Aparna Group, Aparna Venster is known to be one of India’s leading uPVC windows and doors manufacturing brand that conforms to the stringent European standards of manufacturing for more than a decade now. Our extensive product range includes uPVC sliding windows and doors, uPVC casement windows and doors, uPVC villa windows and doors and uPVC tilt and turn windows and doors. At Aparna Venster, we tailor our uPVC windows and doors as per your choices to make it a perfect match for your interior space!

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