Cracking or breaking a double pane of uPVC window glass can occur for various reasons. Reliable uPVC window repair services can reduce costs and ensure functionality, especially for old and broken windows. Each material has its underlying cause for cracking, so it is essential to seek a replacement uPVC window glass. Let’s look at replacing a broken double glass pane in a uPVC window and discuss the possibility of uPVC window glass replacement and repair

Broken uPVC Window Double Glass Pane Replacement 

You can quickly fix cracked or broken dual-pane window glass yourself. However, the glass loses its insulating properties once removed from the unit. Another possibility is to damage the inside or break a window. Aparna Venster has extensive experience in window repair and replacement. When you need glass replaced, you can count on our precise, dependable, and professional service. In addition to new window construction, Aparna Venster provides its customers with uPVC window glass replacement services.

Seek professional advice (strongly advised):

  • Talk to a professional if you want a substitute that won’t hurt anybody and will work.
  • Specialized tools and expertise are required for accurate installation and removal.

DIY uPVC Window Glass Replacement

  • Changing the glass on your own uPVC Windows
  • Get professional help to find an alternative that is safe and effective.
  • For correct installation and removal, you need specific tools and expertise.
  • Use a glazing knife and a mallet to remove the beads.
  • Turn on the glass cabinet’s fan and check the packing and drainage holes.
  • Use packers to secure the new glass unit in place, ensuring it is flat with the frame.
  • Carefully reposition the beads.
  • Take off the labels and clean the windows with the right solution.

Can a Broken Double Glass Pane of an uPVC Window be Repaired?

It is feasible to repair a broken double pane in an uPVC window. However, the level of damage determines the scope of repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you replace just the glass in uPVC windows?

To put your mind at ease, the answer is yes. 

How much does it cost to replace double-glazed window glass?

The cost of replacing double glazing on a white uPVC casement window could vary significantly. Per square foot, the price of uPVC windows may range between INR 750 and 2250.

How long does it take to replace double-glazing glass?

Depending on many factors, installation timelines could be anywhere from one to three days.