uPVC Windows keep summer cooler

The first thing people think of the Indian summer is keeping cool. The entire family is unanimous for investing in an air cooler or an air-conditioner. Even though, both are viewed as an unnecessary expense. That’s where uPVC windows come in.

When sunlight in the summer comes through your windows, it can really affect the inside temperature, 40° C is a common average. Remember, maximum heat comes in through the windows, and if you are keen on taking measures to reduce this heat ingress, you need to consider and adopt a more effective means — opting for a uPVC window and door system with double or even triple glazing. 

This will help keep the interiors of a home cool and can drastically reduce your spend on the electricity bill – in fact cut it by as much as 30%!

How Glazing Controls Inside Temperature

Double glazed windows and doors are found in offices, homes and government buildings across the world, thanks to its remarkable insulating properties.  It will considerably outperform a single, ordinary pane of glass in reducing the flow of heat, and for this very reason, it’s an ideal choice for homeowners looking to reduce their electricity bills during hot to very hot summer months.

However, it’s not just during summer that glazed windows are a fantastic idea – as they also trap warm air within homes and work spaces during winter months, they keep homes and offices warmer during spells of extreme cold weather.

Which is why two or three panes of glass are better than just one, all year round, and especially during the summer.

Which is Better – Double or Triple Glazing?

Triple glazing is exactly what it says: it has three panes of glass within a sealed frame, as opposed to the traditional two panes found in double glazing. In between these panes of glass, the gaps are either filled with air, or filled with a highly insulating gas such as argon.

Come summer, we are prone to what is known as the “greenhouse effect”. This is particularly common in houses with south or west facing windows, where the sun shines directly in, heating up the interiors, and this heat has no way of exiting out, effectively trapping the heat inside and making the room unbearably hot.

If you suffer from increasingly hot rooms in the summer, then triple glazing will be the ideal choice for you. 

Choose Only Well Made uPVC Windows 

While a window’s rating will indicate its real-world performance, this performance will be hampered if the window is shoddily made or installed unprofessionally or has tiny cracks around its edges.

When the seal around the edges of a glazed window cracks, the gas trapped inside will escape. This effect becomes especially obvious during the rains, when water droplets begin to condense between the panes of glass.  Or you find condensation settling on the glass panes.

This vastly reduces the windows’ ability to repel (and contain) heat.  ACs are overworked and the electricity bills go through the roof. So be careful from whom you buy the uPVC windows or doors, and who installs them in your home. When you invest in your windows from a manufacturer of repute this will not happen and with the right maintenance, the windows will deliver impeccable performance throughout their product lifecycle. 

Stop Extensive UV Damage

Installing double or triple glazed windows can limit the amount of damaging UV rays which penetrate the window and go straight into the homeminimizing fading of carpets, curtains and other furnishings.

The Benefits of Increased Security & Reduced Noise

Apart from keeping your space cool, you can also enjoy the benefits of added security and reduced noise. 

Extra reinforcement of the window profiles, multi-point locking systems, and steel grilled double or triple glazed windows improve security because they can not only be locked from the inside but the toughened glass is very difficult to smash.

Multiple glazing also blocks out noise considerably, helping you keep your home not just better insulated but also relatively noise proof.

Find Your Perfect uPVC Window & Door System

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