The doors and windows of a house are a long term investment and hence choosing the right type that is based on your personal needs and is perfect in terms of quality and performance is extremely important. Doors form a very integral part of the house and if designed with precision they can entirely transform the look of a place. Although there are many types of uPVC doors available in the market currently, here we will talk about the features, benefits and functioning of two kinds of doors- uPVC sliding doors and uPVC slide and fold doors.

uPVC Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are designed to provide a sleek contemporary look to the house and consist of two or more frames that slide horizontally. Being slightly raised above the tracks makes them very easy to operate and maintain. One can opt for uPVC sliding doors for balcony to ensure enhanced ventilation and achieve a more spacious look.

uPVC sliding doors come in a varied range of sizes and are a perfect fit for living rooms and drawing rooms. You can also choose to build customized doors by selecting the colour, lamination, glass and mesh. uPVC sliding doors for balcony come with the choice of adding a mesh to prevent insects and bugs from entering indoors. These doors are known to reduce outside noise to a great extent so that you can have calmer, peaceful indoors

Stand-out features

● Smooth movement thanks to the nylon rollers in the bottom
● Multi-chambered built makes it strong and sturdy
● Better thermal insulation leads to warmer indoor temperatures during cold and cooler indoors during summers.
● Available in a variety of designs and colours
● Comes with an easy lock feature

uPVC Slide and Fold Doors

uPVC slide and fold doors are designed specially to provide maximum ventilation and come with the option of being opened completely or partially, so that you can regulate the amount of ventilation you desire. They also come added with a sash that allows you to move them in both directions and also stack them to one end.

This new generation multi-pane uPVC fold and slide door system gives customers maximum flexibility, creating a panoramic view of the outdoors. They are the perfect doors for modern homes and can be customized depending on your design needs. uPVC fold and slide doors are also known for their extreme durability and long lasting performance. They are also very eco-friendly and energy efficient as they give superior thermal conductivity making your homes cosy and comfortable.

Stand-out features

● Extra strength due to multi-chambered design
● Rain track for a free flowing drain system
● Better air circulation
● Termite proof and corrosion resistant
● Customize in terms of colour, laminates and glass

Why Choose uPVC?

If you are looking for durable, elegant and highly functional doors and windows that are easy to install and maintain, uPVC doors are the perfect choice for you. Unlike their traditional counterparts like wood, uPVC doors and windows bring a long list of benefits and advantages to the table.

● High in performance and durability
● Ideal for all weather conditions
● Can withstand extreme temperatures and strong winds
● Increased energy efficiency helps reduce AC bills by almost 30%
● Enhanced noise reduction by up to 40 decibels
● Do not corrode, fade, warp or bend
● Made with a self-extinguishing material that helps in preventing fire
● High security due to advanced locking systems
● Minimal maintenance without the need of expensive polishing or repairs
● Looks as good as new for years to come

At Aparna Venster, our expert team will design a solution for you that is based on your style, design and functional needs, no matter what your uPVC window or door requirements are. Along with top quality hardware, all our products are designed with German precision and cutting edge technology, and can be customized based on individual needs.