With hectic schedules and ever-increasing professional demands, working professionals are finding it harder than ever to maintain a good work-life balance. In such a scenario, any product that practically maintains itself is a boon! uPVC doors and windows by Aparna Venster do just that. They also come with a host of other features that make them the ideal choice for working professionals with busy lives.

High Durability, Low Maintenance

The building materials that form the very structure of a home may not always be the most visible features, but they are surely the most important. Using top quality materials ensures worry-free living for many years to come.

Due to the varied and extreme weather conditions we face in India, issues like rusted, warped or faded windows and termite-ridden doors are fairly common. These issues lead to expensive and frequent refurbishing, which can be avoided if the materials used are of the best quality.

Venster uPVC windows and doors are manufactured using a superior lead-free compound and state-of-the-art German machinery, resulting in products with a host of advantages that are ideal for Indian conditions. uPVC doors and windows are known for their durability, and they last for decades. There is no chance of warping or corrosion, and they are termite-proof and also pollution-resistant – all these features drastically increase the life of the windows and doors.

Another important benefit of Venster uPVC windows and doors is that they are extremely low maintenance and do not require painting or polishing unlike their wooden counterparts. They are built to retain their shine, color, lustre, size and shape for years to come. No liquids or chemicals need be applied to them to keep them insect-free. In the event of a fire, they are also self-extinguishing and thus significantly reduce the chance of a mishap.

They are also weather-proof, being able to withstand strong, heavy winds and high velocity rains, thanks to the addition of hurricane bars, which are especially useful for houses in coastal areas or for high-rise apartments.

Other standout features

Venster uPVC windows and doors come with multiple glazing options and superior thermal insulation, which keeps the indoors cool while cutting those high, summer time air-conditioning bills by up to 30%.

Noise pollution is another issue that most Indian houses face. Traffic, processions, crowds, and a range of other factors contribute to create a great deal of noise pollution, which is detrimental to happy living. Venster uPVC windows and doors come with a unique double-seal mechanism, enabling them to reduce outside noise by up to 40 dB, making your indoors considerably noise-free.

Your home’s security is greatly enhanced with the multi-point locking system on all Venster uPVC doors and windows, which helps keep unwanted intruders at bay. You have the option of adding an extra layer of security by incorporating grills into your uPVC frame. A screen (mesh) can also be added to prevent mosquitoes and other insects from entering your house.

All these superior features make Venster the best uPVC window and door option for working professionals. Get in touch with us today for all your door and window requirements.