When it comes to choosing the right type of uPVC windows for your residential or commercial space, it all comes down to your personal needs and preferences. Here we will delve into the features, benefits and differences between two popular styles of windows, namely uPVC sliding windows and uPVC casement windows. They each bring different features and advantages to the table, and are more suited for different styles and purposes.

uPVC Casement Windows

Casement windows are also sometimes known as side hung windows, they can be opened from both inside and outside. They are offered in various combinations of openable and fixed patterns. The outer frames of these windows are connected to the sash through friction hinges. Casement windows are the most common style of windows, and suit all types of spaces and interiors.

These windows come in varied sizes and can be customized depending on the needs of the occupants. They are available in various minimum to maximum height and width ranges. You can also choose between open and fixed patterns. They are ideal while renovating existing spaces because their versatile design allows them to be installed without disturbing the existing frame or harming the interior walls. This feature also drastically reduces installation time. These windows come without any obstructive railings, thus providing for easy access. They also help in bringing in more sunlight and ventilation.

Stand-out features of uPVC casement windows:

● A double seal system provides great sound insulation and improves energy efficiency
● Multi-point locking that enhances safety and security
● Sturdy and durable hardware that doesn’t rust or corrode
● Best suited for tall but narrow openings

uPVC Sliding Windows

Sliding windows lend a sleek and modern look to any space. They are the ideal windows of choice in projects where space is a hindrance. Sliding windows have two horizontal sashes and rollers at the bottom for easy and smooth side movement. They are very easy to operate, and also provide the benefit of improved ventilation & plenty of sunlight. These windows are the most ideal style of windows for bedrooms, balconies & large openings as they feature less frame and more glass, thus providing an unobstructed view of the outdoors.

Stand-out features of uPVC sliding windows:

● Horizontal sash movement provides better and flexible ventilation
● Secure locking system
● Noise, dust, heat, and pollution resistant
● Available in a variety of designs and colors
● Best suited for wide openings

If you’re wondering what sets uPVC windows apart from windows made of materials like wood in the first place, all uPVC windows come with a range of benefits that put them clearly above traditional materials like wood or steel.

Why uPVC?

● Reduce electricity bills by up to 30%
● Cut down outside noise by 40 decibels
● Leak-proof
● Withstands high-velocity winds
● Fire-resistant
● High security
● No dis-colouration or weathering
● Does not corrode, wrap or rust
● Minimal maintenance
● Eco-friendly
● Lasts for generations

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