From design to delivery, we ensure the highest quality uPVC windows, doors and profiles

Energy Saving

Energy saving Insulated Glass Units can be up to 3 times more effective as normal glass at maintaining cool temperatures within a building.


Our double sealed windows and doors are fully resistant to strong tropical rain and remain leak proof.

Salt Water

Saline water has no effect on our Windows and Doors.


Our windows will not warp, rot or break down in hot and humid climates.


Hardware fittings used for windows are free from corrosion.


Such insects often destroy wooden windows and wooden sub frames for aluminium windows in tropical climates, but termites cannot attack uPVC.


Multi-point high security locks can be incorporated into windows and doors. All locks and fittings are screwed into the steel core of the window and door framing.


Designed to last for your property’s lifetime. These products never need painting and will look as good as new for decades.


Aparna uses lead-free, environment-friendly uPVC profiles to meet greenline norms of European companies.


With a heat insulation at least 2.2 times better than Aluminium windows, our uPVC windows let you save a lot of energy, and keep your home cool and comfortable.


Ideally suited to seaside locations and for use in high-rise buildings, our windows maintain their strength through fully reinforced galvanized steel inner frames.

Noise Reduction

The double-seal system in our windows and doors combined with insulating glass greatly reduces noise by 30-40 dB.


uPVC is self-extinguishing – it will not allow fire to spread due to fire retardant used in the mix. Profiles are manufactured to DIN standards.


The entire equipment for manufacturing of uPVC window and door systems has been imported from WEGOMA, Germany to ensure high reliability and accuracy in the manufacturing process. The profiles for windows and doors are reinforced with galvanized steel sections for additional strength to withstand high wind loads. For production of these steel sections, Aparna has its own roll forming unit. 


In addition to standard window and door configurations, Ventilators, Arch windows, Bay and Circular windows are also produced. Aparna uPVC division has the largest profile bending machine in India that can produce arches with max of 3m radius. In a very short span of time, Aparna has produced and installed a large number of arch windows.


Aparna uses lead-free uPVC profiles that are made with calcium-zinc stabilisers instead of lead stabilizers.


Aparna has complete backup from reputed German companies for the manufacture of uPVC window and door systems.


  • Unlike Wood, uPVC does not warp, contract, or expand with weather changes.
  • Aparna Venster uPVC windows and doors are double weather sealed with high quality EPDM gaskets, have multi-point locking system which makes it very effective in sound insulation.
  • Gives the flexibility to make any window from Sliding to Arch and Bay windows.
  • Unlike Aluminum, uPVC does not transfer heat through the frame. uPVC profile is a non conductor of heat which makes it an excellent product for thermal insulation which results in lower electricity bills.
  • Keeps the windows and doors free from termite attack. Our window profiles are reinforced with Galvanized steel for long term protection and strength.
  • Does not fade or de-colour. Requires minimal maintenance – no protective painting is required, eliminating recurring maintenance costs.
  • Custom made windows are available.
  • Products are ecologically sound, because they are 100% recyclable.
  • We use high quality hardware which ensures smooth operation and long life. Our trained professionals ensure that windows and doors are properly installed.
  • Ideally suited for Green buildings.
uPVC Casement Window by Aparna Venster


Based on the approved design and sizes of the windows, suitable uPVC profiles will be selected for processing. Based on the dimensions, frame and sash profiles are cut to the required dimensions on PLC controlled cutting machines. These profiles are taken to the drilling and copy routing machine, where necessary machining is done on the profile to fix the hardware and also provide water drainage slots. Galvanized Steel Reinforcements matching the profile sizes are inserted into the chambers of the profiles and fixed in place by screws. These sections are fusion welded to form the window in the desired shape on a computer controlled four head welding machine. The excess material at the weld joints is cleaned by using CNC corner cleaning machine.


On pneumatically controlled assembly equipment, glass of the desired specification is fixed along with necessary sealing gaskets. After fixing the locking mechanisms, hinges and other hardware, the assembly is tested by expert technicians of the Quality Assurance Department. All the windows are carefully marked with the window and location code number for installation at the right location. The entire manufacturing of the windows is under the stage-wise control of the parameters set by the Quality Assurance Department.


Aparna Venster maintains a large inventory of profiles, hardware and glass to ensure quick and timely deliveries of windows and doors to large sized projects at a short notice.