Reasons for using uPVC openable windows

Why uPVC openable windows are a boon

As architects and homeowners, it is important to look out for ways in which any space can be made efficient on energy conservation, convenient to maintain and beautiful to look at. The installation of high durability, long-lasting windows and doors is one such thing to be kept in mind for a hassle-free experience.

More than being a place to look in and out from, windows play many key functions in a household. They shape the structure of the space and add a visual appeal. There are several things to consider when buying new windows or replacing old ones, including the style, size and shape requirements of the space, design preferences and customization options available.

uPVC openable windows are windows that are manufactured using Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride and can be opened from either one or both sides.

Here are 6 reasons why openable windows are a great choice for any space:

Increased energy efficiency

uPVC openable windows can significantly enhance the energy efficiency of any room, making indoors cooler in summers and providing thermal insulation in winters. This can help reduce high electricity bills and energy costs and prove to be more affordable in the longer run. Further, depending on the requirement, one can opt for double or triple glazed windows, thus adding to more energy conservation and less carbon footprint.

Increased ventilation

Openable windows bring in lots of natural light and clean air into the house. Dark, low-ventilated rooms steal away from the visual appeal of a place and increase the costs for lighting and external cooling. Even in office or commercial spaces, it is extremely important to have windows that ensure effective cross ventilation.

Improved air quality

Any room with very few or no windows curbs the circulation of air, encouraging the spread of germs and foul smelling air. Stagnant air can also lead to allergies and mold, affecting the health of the residents living inside. Openable windows eliminate this and allow for continuous circulation of fresh air, making the space hygienic, breathable and safe to live.

Easier to operate and maintain

In contrast to other complicated window systems, uPVC openable windows are extremely easy to install and operate. uPVC windows are known for their high-performing qualities that are sustainable over time. Due to their strong build, they do not chip, fade, discolour or rot even after years of use, thus minimizing and almost eliminating the need for expensive repairs and frequent polishing.

Easier to clean

Since they are resistant to dirt, dust, stains, scratches and even acids and chemicals, cleaning these windows becomes a breeze. Further, openable villa windows can also be cleaned from outside, thus ensuring effective maintenance and care. uPVC windows are also termite-proof and corrosion-resistant.

Increased safety

These windows also come with multi-point locking systems, superior quality hardware and with an option to add an extra grill or mesh. This significantly increases the security of a place. Additionally, in the unlikely event of a fire or any such emergencies, openable windows act as a safe exit to the outdoors.

At Aparna Venster, we believe in delivering windows and doors that are not only high on performance, but also aesthetically pleasing. All uPVC window and door systems are built using the highest quality lead-free, non-toxic raw materials, employing latest technology with advanced engineering.

Explore our range of highly customizable uPVC openable windows and give your homes an energy efficient, stunning makeover.

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