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Amazing villa interior design ideas with uPVC solutions by Aparna Venster!

Struggling to come up with some of the most trendy yet minimalistic home interior design ideas for your opulent villa-in-the-making?

We’ve got just the perfect plan for you!

At Aparna Venster, you can discover a range of window and door styles that best complement the interior concept of your villa. Let’s glance through a blueprint of how your property will look with the right uPVC solutions that can be easily tailored as per your preferences.

Window Designs That Are Ideal For Each Area Of Your Villa

  1. Sliding Windows: Sliding windows are a simple yet elegant option for any villa’s interior theme. From compact rooms to vast dining halls, custom uPVC windows are suitable for almost any interior space and can be easily tailored to your interior design theme.
  2. Casement Windows: Casement windows have the largest window opening size and are suitable for various interior spaces, including living rooms, study rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and large spaces. These windows invite plenty of natural light and ventilation into an indoor space.
  3. Arch Windows: These windows are a rich combination of rectangular window frames capped with semi-circular arch frames. Arch uPVC windows simply add to the grandeur of a villa and can therefore be easily installed in master bedrooms, living rooms, massage rooms, gaming rooms, and dining rooms.
  4. Combination Windows: A fusion of two or more window shapes integrated into a single frame is referred to as a combination window. These windows are used in a group of diverse interior patios of a villa, including balconies, lawns, and spacious rooms.
  5. Tilt and Turn Windows: These are some of the most adaptable uPVC windows for small interior spaces, such as kitchens and home theatre halls. These windows provide ample ventilation and natural light. They have a flexible opening that makes them efficient for modern home interior design ideas.
  6. Villa Windows: These uPVC windows are custom-designed to meet the unique needs of a villa. In order to secure the interior spaces of your villa, such as bedrooms, hallways, and other interior spaces, choose villa windows that are accompanied by a grill and mesh.

The Best Door Styles for Each Area of Your Villa

  1. Sliding Doors: Some of the most beautiful villas in India have sliding doors installed in their humongous halls and balconies that are usually seen opening up to a lush green nature strip, yoga hall, or private pool.
  2. Casement Doors: Casement doors are widely used in Indian homes, most notably at home entrances, bedrooms, kitchens, and storage areas.
  3. Slide & Fold Doors: Among the popular villa interior design ideas, sliding and folding doors are commonly spotted in wide hallways, corridors, indoor gyms, and balconies of modern villas.

Aparna Venster employs cutting-edge German technologies to ensure precision engineering in every metre, in order to provide you with the highest quality uPVC windows and doors that complement the grandeur of your villa.

Connect with our team right away to determine the perfect uPVC fit for your villa!

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