The earthy scent of the mist calms our racing minds and soothes our bubbling souls as the monsoon approaches. While there are a million reasons to embrace the monsoon vibes, we should first equip our interiors with uPVC windows for the rainy season.

The Best uPVC Windows and Doors For Monsoon Season

When the temperatures begin to drop and the air becomes cooler, the condensed moisture first shows up on the window pane, making the window glass foggy and dampening the window frame. Unlike traditional wooden, iron, or steel windows, which are easily prone to expansion, rotting, or rusting when dampened over time, uPVC windows are the ideal choice for a modern home. Not only does the unique composite of uPVC protect windows from rain, but it also prevents rain water seepage and dampness during monsoons.

The advantages of selecting the best uPVC windows for your home include:

  1. Water resistance – uPVC profiles offer additional rain protection for doors and windows owing to their multi-chambered design and double-sealing system.
  2. Weatherproof – uPVC windows are considered all-weather windows because of their unique composite, which enables them to withstand adverse weather conditions such as humidity, rain, storms, and the sun’s scorching UV rays. Window frames can be equipped with double or triple glazing to withstand high wind pressure, depending on the geographical scenario.
  3. Customized fabrication – uPVC window frames are designed with the potential of being customized with respect to multi-chambered tracks, lamination, glass and glazing, which protect windows from rain.
  4. Secured solution – Due to high moisture content in the air, highly humid regions—especially coastal areas, experience severe damage to furniture, electronics, locking systems, and many more. On the contrary, the monsoon adds to their woes by aggravating the wearing out of furniture and appliances too rapidly. The effective sealing system of uPVC window frames also prevents mosquitoes and other external contaminants from disrupting the harmony within. As a result, most residential and commercial property owners are switching to uPVC windows for the rainy season.
  5. Durability – Sturdy uPVC window frames can withstand high-velocity wind pressure without losing their natural appeal, and they do not rust or rot when exposed to high moisture content during the monsoon season.

By shielding our interior spaces from the fury of rain and heavy wind, windows made out of uPVC help to keep the monsoon blues at bay.

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