uPVC windows are developed by combining Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride powder with window frames; the desired form and size of the window will be achieved after heating the uPVC material to a specific temperature. These frames provide excellent heat and noise insulation and are extremely robust, making them an excellent choice for windows and doors.

Types of uPVC windows that are easy to install

There are various uPVC windows available, giving the consumer a wide variety of options; however, there are a few that may be conveniently fitted and look exquisite in your home.


Casement or crank uPVC windows are simple to install in two ways: single-sash and double-sash. These windows may be opened both inside and outside and include a locking system, making them the safest option. Installing these windows provides both convenience and security.


Double-glazed windows come with two panes, and the insulating gas filled between the two panes, they provide a scenic retreat and are a popular choice for individuals who want more light in their homes. Depending on the size and design chosen by the customer, these windows are created with Double-glazed functionality of the highest quality and durability.


Depending on your preferences, sliding uPVC windows can be fitted vertically or horizontally. These sorts of windows are commonly used in commercial areas since they provide a beautiful aesthetic while taking up little space and offering a lot of ventilation. They add a modern touch to any home and are suitable for any layout.

Tilt and Turn

Tilt and turn uPVC windows can also be designed with grills, they provide a contemporary touch to your area. These sorts of windows are commonly used in houses with high ceilings to improve ventilation. These windows are adaptable and may be customized to your specific needs. They may be tilted and turned, as the title indicates. Tilting can be used to let the air flow inside the room, and turning can be used as a door opening. They are also considered to be low-maintenance windows.


Fixed uPVC Windows may be installed in your home with single-glaze or double-glaze depending on your aesthetic desire; if your home has sufficient ventilation, installing these windows would be an effective choice for you, as these windows cannot be opened and closed manually. The major advantage to these type of windows is they can be used for high apartments, and commercial buildings effectively since one doesn’t have to worry about maintaining them regularly. They are permanently placed and fitted to your shape and size specifications.

If you decide to install uPVC windows in your house, check through all of the options and choose which would be best for your space. Aparna Venster offers a wide range of uPVC windows and doors that make your home seem exquisite and complete solutions ranging from survey and design to fabrication, delivery and installation, and maintenance. The noise reduction feature in our uPVC windows and doors gives you an easier alternative to choose from.