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Casement, Slide And Fold Or Sliding. What Should You Install On Your Balcony Doors?

Balconies in a home are our safe haven. They are our paradise away from the blaring noises of the industrial units, neighbors, traffic and what not. It is the only place where we can get some solace and enjoy the picturesque view of the city or open lush green spaces. Hence it is prudent to design our balcony in the most iconic way possible.

One of the most important factors to make your balcony look beautiful and pristine is to have the perfect balcony door. The right balcony door can make the balcony look more spacious and gorgeous. It may be sliding doors, casement or slide and fold doors. The primary objective is to create a striking balcony space where comfort is the only purpose.

Here are a few options which one can install on their balcony door:

1.Casement doors:

uPVC casement doors are a good choice for a balcony door.


  • Casement doors are easily accessible as they do not have any obstructive railings.
  • They can bring in more ventilation and sunlight into the home and provide a clear view of the skyline outside.
  • The balcony doors open both inside and outside.


  • uPVC casement doors if installed in a small balcony can hinder a lot of space.
  • Mosquito mesh cannot be installed. If they are, then the balcony door will either swing inside or outside.
  • Casement doors are very common choices for balcony doors and may provide a very simplistic look to your home.

2.Sliding doors:

uPVC sliding doors are a great addition for any balcony door.


  • Sliding doors save a ton of space and make the balcony look spacious.
  • They provide an amazing view of the stunning exteriors.
  • These large sliding doors provide an aesthetic appeal to your home.
  • Sliding doors when are used as balcony doors ensure that there are no bugs in the house, as mosquito mesh can be installed.


  • uPVC sliding doors, when used as balcony doors, can be quite concealing. This means fewer prying eyes and may attract burglars.
  • They may hinder in providing adequate privacy when needed.

3.Slide and fold doors:

With the changing trend, a huge demand has been seen for slide and fold doors to be used as balcony doors.


  • The natural choice for balcony doors as they provide almost 100% opening.
  • Provide natural light, ventilation and a good view of the stunning scenery.
  • They are highly customizable and can be provided with large balcony doors up to 4 to 5 meters.
  • These slide and fold doors can save a lot of space on the balcony and due to their huge opening; it is the perfect place to organize an outdoor soirée.


  • No possibility of installing mosquito meshes.
  • There might be a hindrance in privacy.

With an eagle eye’s view of the various kinds of balcony doors, get armed and decide which type of balcony door is the best fit for your home. In the end, it all depends on your personal style and the decor you want your home to resemble. To look at more interesting choices, explore: https://aparnavenster.com/

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