uPVC Bathroom Ventilators

Why uPVC Bathroom Ventilators Are The Right Mix Of Style And Function

A good home is one that beautifully merges style with function, without compromising on either of them. While incorporating high performance windows, doors, flooring, and decor enhances the utility of the house, making maintenance a breeze, opting for visually pleasing alternatives for the same adds so much to the elegance of the house, giving it a plush, seamless look.

The uPVC industry has continually undergone developments ever since its conception in the building industry. From plain white uPVC window profiles to coloured, laminated customized uPVC profiles today, the popularity of uPVC products in the construction market has grown exponentially over the past few decades. One such product that blends together high functionality and visual appeal effortlessly is the uPVC range of bathroom ventilators.

uPVC ventilator windows are uPVC windows that can be opened both outwards and inwards making use of hinges that are fixed on the ventilator frames. These ventilators are ideal for use in any space that requires a free circulation of fresh air, like bathrooms, kitchens, store rooms, utility rooms etc. uPVC ventilator windows come with the option of customizing and adding an extra fan for greater performance. They are extremely durable and easy to install and maintain and look as good as new for years.

Special characteristics of uPVC bathroom ventilators

  1. Manufactured with premium quality raw materials
  2. Enhanced thermal insulation
  3. Improved ventilation
  4. Multipoint locking system ensures greater security
  5. Chambered profile for better safety
  6. Provision for adding an exhaust fan
  7. Works well even for smaller/narrower spaces
  8. Gives the appearance of a modern softline profile

Types of uPVC Ventilators

Between the many types of bathroom ventilation systems, the two most common types of uPVC ventilators are

  1. Ventilator- Left Louvres
  2. Ventilator Top Louvres

Both these designs are increasingly becoming popular among homeowners and architects, thanks to the advantages they come with. They’re both functionally superior and deliver a long lasting performance with a minimal need for maintenance.

With uPVC bathroom ventilators, you can now get rid of unwanted odours and musty air and let in fresh air that makes your bathrooms free from mould growth, stale or stagnated atmospheres and prevents peeling of paints. It ensures a healthy, hygienic and comfortable atmosphere in your house, making it thoroughly ventilated and well-lit.

No matter what the climate or geography of your home, Aparna Venster offers some of the best options for bathroom Windows that are a breeze to take care of and enhance your bathroom’s ventilation greatly. All uPVC profiles by Aparna Venster are resistant to dirt, dust, scratches and stains, making them ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. They’re also water-resistant and are built using a self-extinguishing material which inhibits the spread of fire under unforeseen conditions.

With Aparna Venster, you can be assured of receiving great quality of uPVC Windows and Doors customer services, as our expert team will guide you through the entire process of selecting designs to installing these windows, including all end-to-end solutions ranging from initial surveys to post-sale services.

Install the best option for bathroom Windows with uPVC bathroom ventilators in your homes and enjoy the advantage of getting free flowing fresh air, always.

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