Traditional building materials like wooden arches, aluminium frames, and steel structures are used to create bulky doors and windows in old mansions to enhance a property’s grandeur. On the other hand, sleek windows and doors in contemporary compact homes give small houses the appearance of being larger and more spacious.

Have you ever wondered how windows and doors positively affect the look and feel of an interior space?

When you choose to install uPVC doors and windows in your home, their sleek and minimalist frames let more light into the interior space, making the walls appear wider, making the space the space feel larger.

uPVC is regarded as a smart choice for contemporary interior spaces for the following reasons:

-uPVC windows provide better ventilation for your commercial and residential space and have an elegant and chic appearance. Additionally, they gives interior designers a chance to fit more fixtures into constrained spaces.

-Doors and windows made of uPVC are resistant to water and prevent noise and dust pollution from making cramped interior spaces appear gloomy.

-The lead-free uPVC profile frames of these doors and windows offer robust built-in security locking systems, making them an ideal choice for securing small homes and offices due to their seamlessly integrated design.

-uPVC doors and windows are the most suitable and cost-effective option for small interior spaces due to their low upkeep and long lifespan.

-Unlike traditional wooden doors and windows, which lack in making small houses appear wide and spacious due to their rigidity, uPVC doors and windows can be easily customised to match the theme and style of an interior design.

What makes an interior space appear larger?

  1. Make the interior spaces brighter by installing slim uPVC windows:
    uPVC windows, which are good for the environment, allow for a lot of natural light and improve ventilation in kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms of homes as well as commercial spaces. In order to complement the aesthetic appeal of any interior space, uPVC windows can be easily customised in terms of style, colour, glass, hardware, as well as mesh and grill, giving the impression of spaciousness.

The following are the various types of uPVC windows: 

uPVC Sliding Windows

uPVC Casement Windows

uPVC Arch Windows

uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows 

uPVC Villa Windows 

  1. The tall and elegant appearance of uPVC doors enhances the entrances to interior spaces:
    Incredibly strong and slim uPVC doors can be easily customised in colour, glass, and hardware to match the interior design theme. They also come with secure built-in locking systems that give the primary entrances of residential and commercial spaces a rich, stylish yet secure impression. Due to their durability and ease of maintenance, uPVC doors are an environmentally friendly choice for living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. With their stunning views and chic appearance, uPVC glass doors give balconies and lawns a spacious and inviting appearance.

Types of uPVC Doors

  • uPVC Casement Doors
  • uPVC Sliding Doors
  • uPVC Colored Doors
  • uPVC Slide and Fold doors
  1. The interiors have an enormous appearance thanks to the sturdy and sleek uPVC profile frames:
    Compared to wooden frames, uPVC profile frames are significantly thinner and much stronger. As a result, the width of the glass and mesh is reduced, giving windows and doors an elegant and wide appearance. For better lighting and ventilation, larger interior spaces need more glass and mesh, making them appear brighter and larger.

Ideas for transforming interior spaces in a way that make them appear larger:

  1. Sliding windows made of uPVC are designed to let more air into your kitchen.
  2. Stairways in private homes and commercial buildings owned by corporations are given a chic appearance by uPVC arch windows.
  3. Casement doors made of uPVC add a touch of elegance to terraces, lawns, and balconies.
  4. Bedroom and living room walls are given an elegant touch by sliding doors made of uPVC.
  5. At the main entrances of homes and businesses, uPVC-coloured doors give the space a warm and grand appearance.

Why choose Aparna Venster?

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