Main Facets Of Coping Up With Summers: Natural Light & Fresh Air

The summer is here. This is that phase of the year when the importance of natural light and fresh air is acknowledged like never before and sought-after. Summer brings with it a lovely and cheerful atmosphere, but it also brings dangerous UV rays and heat waves. 


One of the most important elements of the home that could let us experience a pleasant or a not-so-pleasant season is- the windows. Windows offer the necessary ventilation and sunlight when summertime approaches and the weather outside becomes incredibly humid and scorching. But, they are also crucial for keeping the house’s temperature steady. In a place with a hot environment, it becomes especially important to choose the ideal window style that comes with the necessary features more on a functionality basis with design aesthetics being the latter. 


For your home’s summer needs, window designs come in various shapes and functions. Speaking of the same, in an editorial published in the ‘Sawdust Magazine’, Mahesh Choudhary, President & CEO, Okotech, Aparna Venster & Alteza has given a detailed explanation about the way one should choose windows and opt for ventilation. He was quoted saying, “Using the Low-e glass will help you make the best use of natural sunlight. It has a microscopically thin coating and allows the natural sunlight to enter the room but stops the ultraviolet rays (UV) which carry the heat. Double & triple glazing are very effective in keeping the room temperature lower in the interiors. In order to block the heat from the outside, these windows sandwich an insulating gas between the glass panes”.


Following are some of the best and most-preferred window designs that can accommodate your needs during the summer:


Sliding Windows:


Due to their seamless functioning and minimal installation space, sliding windows add more flair and functionality to the room. These windows provide a great deal of visibility when they are combined with transparent glass. They can be modified according to room interiors, safety, and visibility needs, and have a contemporary style that highlights the attractiveness of the area. These windows work best in areas where there is little room for panel movement.


Casement Windows:


In addition to offering great ventilation, casement windows have a timeless, traditional aesthetic that is always in fashion. They are simple to use and suited for all kinds of buildings. These windows provide an expansive view, increased security, and improved energy efficiency. These windows offer insulation from outside heat and sound and come with several glazing options. These windows are also ideal for modern homes in hot climates because they are easy to clean and offer decent airflow.


Villa Window:


Villa Windows are a perfect solution for a safe and secure window mechanism that is also aesthetically pleasing and adaptable. They also include an iron grill and a bug screen in addition to 2 side-hung shutters. These windows offer heat insulation, are ideal for ventilation, and offer protection from insects like mosquitoes. So, these windows are the finest if someone wants a bright, breezy area that is also free from bugs and mosquitoes.


Tilt and Turn Windows:


This window has two ways to open: when ventilation is needed, it opens slightly inward; when greater light and ventilation are desired, it opens like a casement window. With just a simple tilt of the lever, the appropriate window may be opened, giving every area a very contemporary appearance. This window is low maintenance, stylish, and offers the necessary ventilation throughout the summer and wet months.


Arch Windows:


A semi-circular fixed frame with a sliding or casement frame below it makes up an arch window. Arch windows, which deviate from typical rectangular-shaped windows, give the room a certain softness and elegance.


Top Hung Windows:


Top-hung windows allow for ventilation in the space while also protecting against severe winds and rain. These windows provide energy efficiency and are affordable when used with the right glazing. They are perfect for a wide range of needs and are available in a wide range of sizes and styles.


There are a plethora more types of windows that offer comfort and meet expectations on various levels. However, the ones mentioned above are some of the most preferred models on all fronts. One should take into account the location of the home, the interior, aesthetics, and design elements to conclude which type of windows are better suited for a certain house. To take a look at the complete story, click on the link below:



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