It is impossible to think of Indian summers and not talk about the unbearable heat and humidity that they bring along. Rising temperatures with the scorching heat make using air coolers and air conditioners a common norm in all houses, thus skyrocketing electricity and energy bills.

A more effective and sustainable way to reduce the effect of this heat is the use of uPVC windows and doors. High insulation uPVC windows can significantly cut down the amount of heat felt indoors and can provide efficient ventilation and fresh air.

In summers, we experience the “greenhouse effect” more than any other time of the year. Especially in houses with south or west facing windows, where sunlight directly shines in, rooms become unbearably hot as this heat has no way of exiting out and gets trapped inside, heating up the interiors. If you suffer with immensely hot rooms in summer, uPVC windows and doors are the perfect solution for your homes.

uPVC windows have several advantages over other traditional window and door systems like wood, steel or PVC. This has helped them gain immense popularity over the years in the construction and building industry. Here are some reasons why uPVC windows and doors by Aparna Venster are ideal for Indian summers.

Cooler indoors with Aparna Venster

  •  High on energy efficiency

uPVC windows and doors are one of the most eco-friendly, energy efficient and reliable window and door systems. Thanks to their build, these windows are high on insulation and can help maintain cooler indoor temperatures. This greatly reduces energy consumption and cuts down electricity bills up to 30%

Additionally, Venster uses Energy-saving Insulated Glass Units that are up to three times more effective at maintaining cooler temperatures than normal glass.

  • Different glazing options

Another important aspect to consider while installing uPVC windows is to choose the right kind of glazing based on your geographic location and functional requirements. Double glazing refers to the process of using two glass panes that are separated by a cavity filled with vacuum or argon. This cavity acts as a poor conductor of heat and stops it from being transferred indoors.

Triple glazing similarly uses three panes of glass that are also separated by a cavity. The primary and secondary seals used in such windows also prevent heat and moisture from entering indoors, thus making double or triple glazed windows the perfect solution for summers. Based on your requirements, you can talk to your dealer to find the ideal glass and glazing option for your home.

  • Say no to UV damage

Double or triple glazed high insulation uPVC windows can limit the amount of harmful UV rays that enter indoors and can help stop extensive damage. This also prevents excessive fading of carpets, curtains and other furnishings.

  • All-weather uPVC profiles

uPVC profiles are widely known for their unmatched performance throughout the year, no matter what season it is. While in summers they effectively cool indoors, in winters, they adequately trap heat inside and modulate the surroundings based on outside temperatures, making rooms warmer. This is one of the greatest advantages of uPVC windows. Their superior thermal insulation and energy efficiency makes them a common favourite among homeowners, architects and designers.

  • The added benefit of reduced sound and noise

uPVC windows and doors also greatly reduce noise pollution by curbing the entry of outside noise and sound proofing the indoors upto 40 dB, ensuring calm and peaceful indoors.

  • Extremely safe and high on security

One of the key characteristics of any window or door system, is their ability to withstand force and provide security. uPVC windows and doors at Venster are built using the highest quality raw materials and multi-chambered profiles which imparts high strength and resilience. Their high wall thickness and multi-point locking systems when added with an extra grill or mesh, make them undeniably secure.

Aparna Venster’s premium quality uPVC windows and doors can considerably outperform any single, ordinary glass windows in reducing the transfer of heat and noise. This undoubtedly makes them an ideal choice for keeping indoors cool during hot to very hot summer months.