Popular Window & Door Trends To Look Out For

Popular Window & Door trends to look out for!

Like everywhere else, trends come and go, but some trends are so good that they will continue to remain as constant for years to come. And uPVC window and door systems are no exception. Here are some of the key trends that homeowners are popularizing in terms of how they need their homes to be, particularly their windows and doors.

Light & Soothing Interior Decor

A new colour scheme can dramatically change the entire look and feel of the interior living or work spaces. In recent years, interior paintwork trends have often been towards more bold tones. In 2020, however, lighter and cooler colours will be more popular, particularly when used on larger wall areas.

And don’t overlook another fact of life, increasing your home’s natural light intake will be great for emotional well-being. Natural light and airiness combine to enhance the mood, creates a nicer living environment, and makes your home more attractive to the eye of your family and guests.

Give an extra boost to your interior’s natural light intake by installing large uPVC windows with less frame and opt for wider sliding glass doors.

New Designs. New Styles.

When it comes to windows and doors, people are now moving from the conventional sliding and casement windows and doors to more innovative designs like uPVC Arch windows, uPVC Tilt and Turn windows, uPVC Slide & Fold doors and more.

Colored & Laminated uPVC Windows

Another trend is the adoption of colored uPVC windows and doors. From elegant white to edgy black and playful blue, add a dash of color with colored windows and doors or bring in a sense of warmth with laminate textured profile that mimic the look of wood. Laminated uPVC windows and doors are in!

Wider View With Minimal Frame

Research shows natural light is said to be the number one interior design feature people look for in a living room when buying a family home!

One of the advantages of large panes of glass is the brightness and the amount of natural light that floods into your home and ends up giving the most pleasing of views.

Living spaces with floor to ceiling uPVC doors that offer unobstructed views is the trend to watch out for in the coming months for 2020.

Slide Your Way Through Summer

Though nothing new, by offering much wider panes of glass than bi-folds, sliding uPVC doors with expansive glass panels look sleek and give a sense of spaciousness with dramatic views and increased natural daylight.

These sliding doors can now be designed with cavity pocket which allows for the glass panes to slide into the wall cavity so as to fully open the living area and merge with the outside space.

Despite the vast expanse of glass, uPVC sliding doors can be safe, secure and energy-efficient and are a popular choice for living rooms and for kitchen renovation.

Stay True To Mother Nature

A focus on sustainable living will continue to dominate 21st century living. From installing energy efficient glazing to using eco-friendly uPVC window and door systems, sustainable products help you to lower your carbon footprint and contribute further by reducing your electricity bills in the process.

Make sustainability, longevity and thermal performance a priority when investing in uPVC windows and doors. These systems will bring your living and working spaces up to scratch in terms of their energy efficiency performance more than any other kind of windows.

Bear in mind, most of the heat that flows into your home comes through windows and doors. With the help of intelligent design and technological innovation, your move towards choosing energy-efficient uPVC doors and windows will be an essential component to staying true to nature.

Finding Your Perfect uPVC Window & Door System

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We consider every job to be totally different from the last and therefore it is crucial for us to align our expertise and service package accordingly. All of our uPVC door and window options are designed to include traditional features whilst incorporating modern operation, technology and energy efficiency.

Get in touch and speak to one of our experts. You will understand why every Aparna Venster uPVC window and door system will be a perfect fit and perform to perfection.

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