Windows and doors play a pivotal role in enhancing the aesthetics of your home. However modern your home is, if the windows and doors are old-fashioned or don’t go with the look of the home, the purpose of building a home is defeated. Aparna Venster’s tailor-made uPVC windows and doors blend seamlessly with your home. We offer customisation options in colour, size, and styles of windows and doors that best suit your home.

Let’s have a look at the different types of uPVC doors and windows, tailor-made by Aparna Venster to match your demands.

Casement windows and doors

Aparna Venster casement windows come with the option of opening both sideways and vertically. You can go with one most convenient for you. The casement doors also come in different sizes and you have the choice of picking the appropriate colours or textures that go with the look of your home.

Villa windows

They’re best-suited for the bedroom and living room in the homes which are on an elevation. So, the windows are perfect for high rise apartments and houses situated near the hills. Villa windows come in different sizes and can be custom made to go with the size of your rooms.

Sliding and arch windows and doors

Venster sliding doors and windows come with the option of 2 track 2-panel system with the horizontal movement. The arch windows and doors are an ideal choice to add visual splendour to your home. Both sliding and arch doors and windows can be customised with the colour and lamination of your choice.

Special uPVC windows

With these type of windows, Aparna Venster doesn’t just give you the option of choosing the size and colour of your choice, but also the shape you like. You can choose the shape appropriate for the particular room (eg. Kitchen, balcony or bathroom) in which the windows will be installed.

Aparna Venster is the best provider of tailor-made uPVC windows and doors in the market. To know more about the different designs and styles in windows and doors offered by Aparna Venster, visit