Types of glasses in uPVC windows and doors

The Glass Of Your Choice For uPVC Windows and doors By Venster, Makes It All Nice!

Our day begins with a beam of sunshine piercing through the windows of our interiors and ends with a glittery night view of street lights reflecting on the glass of windows!

Glass is one of the most pivotal elements that contributes to aesthetics as well as functionality of uPVC windows. uPVC glass windows regulate temperatures of an indoor space during extreme climatic conditions, invite more natural light and control airflow. Besides, uPVC glass windows compliment the interior design by enhancing the beauty of walls in indoor spaces.

At Aparna Venster, uPVC windows can be seamlessly designed and customized based on your preferred glass choice. Explore the various options for uPVC glass windows that best suit your interior needs from the following uPVC window glass types:

  1. Tinted Glass – Tinted glass is a prime choice for uPVC windows that can be easily customized in terms of colors and shades as per the interior theme. Beyond adding a stylish appeal to the interiors, tinted glass for uPVC windows filters the amount of natural light, keeping the indoor temperature pleasant at all times. uPVC windows tinted glass is best suited for commercial spaces with large indoor facilities, as storefronts or at home as curtain-walls.
  2. Laminated Glass – Laminated glass is a multi-layered bond of two or more layers of polyvinylbutyral(PVB) which is often used in uPVC fixed glass windows designed with toughness for enhanced safety when impacted by intense pressure. It offers maximum break-in protection which makes it a durable choice for residential and commercial properties.
  3. Clear Glass – Clear glass is one of the most popular uPVC window glass types as it serves multipurpose applications and is manufactured with minimal iron-content to trivialize the glass’ sun-reflection properties. Thus, it provides a clear view inside-out and allows more natural light to penetrate through the glass. This type of glass is best suited for balconies with great views and commercial spaces with narrow interior area size that demand adequate natural light. Thickness of this glass type can be easily customized as per your preference.
  4. Frosted Glass – Frosted glass for uPVC windows are produced by the method of sandblasting or acid etching to create a blurred and translucent effect that diminishes visibility of the view and prevents sunlight from piercing into the interiors. Hence it becomes the best choice for spaces that need visual privacy, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. Frosted glass is popularly paired with double glazing for uPVC windows.

At Aparna Venster, we tailor the uPVC windows with glass and glazing choices based on the needs and preferences of our clients along with the flexibility of customization in terms of uPVC profile colour, lamination, hardware, mesh & grill, in addition to end-to-end solutions for uPVC windows and doors.

Aparna Venster, a part of the esteemed Aparna Group, brings you high-quality uPVC windows and doors which are engineered to precision using cutting-edge German technology and well-equipped fabrication units located in Hyderabad and Bangalore.

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