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Wooden or uPVC doors: Which one should you install in your home?

Wood is a beautiful material and perhaps wooden doors boast pure elegance and class than any other material. The timeless beauty and charm exhibited by wooden doors go unparalleled. Many people love working around with wood because of the flexibility it allows whilst designing as well as its classic appeal. Using wood to design doors and windows is a time-tested practice. But is it a good practice? Let’s find out.

While we all have been in awe of the ethereal charm a wooden door can bring into our home, we have pretty easily tuned out uPVC doors. In the recent times, trends have been changing. Wooden doors which were once a hot favourite for everyone have now been replaced by uPVC doors. uPVC, as we know is a versatile polymer which is highly resistant and flexible. It has been noted to perform better than its counterparts. So, which one is a better option to install in your home?

Wooden doors or uPVC doors? Let’s find out.

Weather Resistant Wooden doors cannot maintain temperatures; it will keep the house insulated even in summers. It can absorb heat. uPVC doors are 3 times for effective at maintaining cooler temperatures within a home.
Termites Wooden doors do not rust but are easily affected by termites and bugs. This can leave the whole door fragile. All of the uPVC doors are termite resistant. They do not rust or dent either.
Cost While wooden doors are very expensive, they take a long time to get designed as well. While uPVC doors are also fairly expensive, they are value for money and last a lifetime.
Maintenance Wooden doors have to be maintained. They can get chipped, the paint may lose its sheen and it needs to be regularly polished. uPVC doors are virtually maintenance free. All one needs is water and sponge to clean it right up.
Moisture absorbent Wooden doors are prone to absorbing moistures and can lead to rotting. When it rots there is a peculiar smell which stenches the home for days. uPVC doors are moisture resistant and do not absorb it. They keep your home dry and clean.
Quality Wood and timber need to be of good quality to withstand years of service. In case the timber used is substandard, it can corrode soon. uPVC doors have a standard quality and are produced adhering to the European market norms.
Time The turnaround time to fit wooden doors in a home can lead to a long wait. uPVC doors can be fabricated in a home within a short span of time.
Aesthetic appeal Wooden doors might give the home a look of pure grace and style. With a huge range of laminated options, uPVC doors can make any house look sophisticated.
Fire resistant Wooden doors are prone to catching fires. All uPVC doors are fire resistant due to the use of fire retardant in the mix.

In all aspects, we see uPVC doors are a clear winner. Choose the right option to get the best fit for your home.  For more information explore https://aparnavenster.com/.

Wooden or uPVC doors

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