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Explore the world of latest windows designs with Aparna Venster

Whether it is a view from your humble abode or a gaze from your cubicle, windows do not just make the plain wall look less boring but also at times add to your thoughts and imagination. If you are planning to upgrade your space, the latest window designs are one of the easy and functional ways you can enhance the charm of your home. Our list of 5 uPVC window designs will help you explore and fit the best in your space.

  1. Sliding uPVC windows:

    A sliding uPVC window comes with a 2 track sash that moves horizontally/sideways. Due to their smooth functioning, sliding uPVC windows are very easy to operate. As the sashes can be moved right or left, the uPVC windows along with offering great scope to enjoy panoramic views also improve ventilation in the homes.

  1. Casement uPVC windows:

    Casement windows are one of the most common window style used in homes. Casement windows come with a sash that is hinged from the side in an outer frame, this helps the window to open inwards, outwards or to the left or right. Offering the homeowners the dual benefit, casement uPVC windows allow maximum airflow into the room when open and keep the home energy efficient when closed. Aparna Venster casement windows can be customized in a variety of styles, top hung (opens from bottom to top) or side hung (opens sideways)

  1. Tilt & Turn uPVC windows:

    A versatile choice for your home windows, tilt & turn windows comes with a sash that can tilt open at an angle from the top or swing inwards thanks to the hinges on the side. Tilt & turn uPVC windows offer the homeowners the perfect mix of design and functionality. Along with giving an aesthetically pleasing look, the tilt position allows draft-free ventilation and rain protection.

  1. Arch uPVC windows:

    Unique to Aparna Venster, Arch windows will definitely be a focal point for any home. Along with upscaling the look, arch windows greatly improve the aesthetic value of any home. The arch window by Aparna Venster come with a maximum width of 3 meters per arch.

  1. Coloured uPVC windows:

    If you are someone looking you to jazz up your space with some bright hues, we at Aparna Venster offer coloured uPVC windows made with special weather resistant coloured laminations. Enjoy customizations that match your taste.

Choose from the variety of designs and styles mentioned above and add a ‘window’ to the beauty of your home. Know more about our products here https://aparnavenster.com/upvc-windows/

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