uPVC for Window and Doors

What makes uPVC a preferred material for windows and doors?

uPVC or Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride is one of the most sustainable and versatile materials used widely in the construction industry. It brings along various advantages over traditional materials making its quality and performance unmatched. Not only does it retain its shape and texture in all weather conditions but is also extremely easy on maintenance and does not corrode, fade or break with use.

A better alternative to Wood, Iron, and PVC

Traditional wooden frames are subject to easy insect infestation, rotting, and warping if not properly maintained. Further, they can also shrink and expand during seasonal weather changes. uPVC windows and uPVC doors rule out this phenomenon and also have the ability to withstand high-speed winds, thunderstorms and are immune to damage caused due to saline water, making them ideal for coastal regions as well.

Similarly, Iron frames are not just heavier and difficult to shape but also require extensive maintenance and regular painting, making them more expensive in the long run. Thus making uPVC windows and doors not only good on the price but also great on performance.

On the other hand, PVC too, due to its plastic nature can lead to being toxic and hence is usually avoided in residential and commercial spaces.

Cuts out the noise and helps reduce energy costs

uPVC doors and windows are highly energy-efficient and can reduce outside noise considerably. If you want to increase the energy efficiency of your property, opt for superior quality uPVC window systems. Their advanced double and triple glazing options will lead to better insulation, making indoors warmer during winters and cooler during summers. Doing this can also cut your power bills by up to 30%. uPVC windows and doors are designed to create calmer, cooler, and pleasant homes.

Customize as you like

Today’s time of technology and rapid development in the construction and architectural industry gives us the option to reflect our unique style in our homes as well. Whether you opt for basic white, blue or black or go for an elegant wood finish, the choice is yours, and the variety of styles available, endless. Additionally, you can also install a grill or mesh depending on your requirement.

High on security

Premium quality locking systems and multi-chambered designs make uPVC windows and doors a lot more secure and safer. Their tough build makes them resilient and almost impossible to break through.

Free from termites and pests

Unlike wood, uPVC windows and doors are completely resistant to termites, and other insect infestations. You can further install an extra bug mesh for added protection against pests.

Looks as good as new for decades

Why uPVC windows and doors are in for the long run is because they’re highly resistant to external damages and do not fade, discolor, rot or bend over time, even with extensive use.

Practically maintenance-free

These windows and doors don’t need frequent polishing or expensive repairs and remain highly functional for years to come, making them an ideal choice for working professionals as they demand very little of your time and are practically maintenance-free.

 Self-extinguishable material

uPVC windows and doors are manufactured using a fire retardant in their mix that prevents fire from spreading.

Why Venster uPVC windows and doors are ideal for you

Whether you live in a modern apartment, have a villa, or are looking for perfect windows and doors for your office space, Aparna Venster has an ideal solution for all your needs. Their superior quality build helps them retain their shape in all climatic conditions and eliminates all the other disadvantages that come with their traditional counterparts.

Venster has a wide range of customizable options for you to select from including exciting laminate colors and a range of wood finishes. Additionally, the price you pay for your uPVC windows and doors at Venster will also get you all end-to-end services right from the survey of your place to excellent post-sale support.

Beautify your spaces with the high-performance, custom-designed, long-lasting Aparna Venster uPVC windows and doors.

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