Why are uPVC windows so popular

What makes uPVC windows ideal for office spaces?

A window is a window, right? Not quite. It is like saying all sunrises are the same. It is as wrong as that. Yes there are choices, but the difference between wooden and steel and uPVC windows is so huge, there really is no comparison. Preference trending today is clearly for uPVC windows.

When you look at the benefits that these windows bring, you too are likely to agree. This is not herd mentality at work, but a clear choice based on sound reasoning!

Why uPVC windows?

Just look at the advantages of uPVC and why it is an ideal choice as a window for offices. It will mean, one major time consuming chore less, in the sense, the maintenance staff can be involved in doing something else meaningful, instead of spending days on cleaning windows.

Maintenance has never been so easy

Unlike wood, uPVC window can withstand extreme fluctuations in temperature without warping, swelling, bending or cracking. Does not rot and is termite-proof. Best part, it doesn’t need painting. Looks smart over its entire lifespan spanning decades. All you have to do is wipe it down with soap and water every once in a while to keep it clean.

Cut power bills by 30%

Climate change is threatening to change the way we will have to live. Before, something irreversible happens, it is wise to take steps and help in reversing global warming. This will help, no matter how little you think your contribution will be.

Increasing energy efficiency makes a lot of sense, especially when it comes to your offices. Every office has a fridge, coffee vending machine, ceiling fans, ACs, computer hardware, and other electrical appliance which are power guzzlers. Add to that, your office ACs are usually working overtime, in order to make the work environment more comfortable. But ask yourself, at what costs, do give that a thought.

If you want to increase the energy and thermal efficiency of your property, then opt for high efficiency uPVC window systems. The advanced double-glazed window systems protect your property against heat entering the interiors during hot and very hot days and when it gets the hottest in summer months.

Just switching to uPVC will help cut office power bills by a whopping 30%! Your account head will thank you for it. In fact, even the whole staff would want to join him in their appreciation.

Apart from this advantage, these windows can provide better insulation and reduce exterior noise levels by up to 40 dBA. Making the interiors of your offices much quieter and less affected by outside disturbances.

Bring a touch of class

uPVC windows come in a whole range of styles, designs and finishes. You can pick and choose the look and aesthetic appeal you want to give your office interiors. The finishes available for uPVC include colours such as white along with wood grain finishes like rosewood, oak, mahogany among many other finishes.

There are also various window designs available, such as uPVC casement windows, uPVC tilt and turn windows, uPVC sliding windows, etc. You can customize your window even further with the glass and hardware of your choice.

More important, it is not just uPVC windows you have a choice in, there are also uPVC doors. Giving your office a uniform look, inside as well as on the outside.

uPVC works out less expensive than you think

One other main reason why uPVC window has become immensely popular is the fact that it works out less expensive than wood and steel in the long run. Besides when you choose Aparna Venster uPVC windows and doors system, your purchase is covered by excellent guarantees and comes with outstanding customer service. As a matter of fact, Aparna Venster has installed over a million and a half uPVC window and door units across the country.

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